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New/Trial School Setup Information

New/trial schools can use the following information to help set up Edulink One, Edulink One accounts, Communicator and other useful knowledge to ensure a smooth transition. Edulink One replaces many systems and schools can choose which functions they would like to enable and how much of the system they would like to use. It is completely customisable to suit your needs.

Installing the Agent

To start, you need to install the Edulink Agent so Edulink One can integrate with your MIS provider. You can also connect Edulink One to your LDAP if you would like to use your Active Directory credentials to log in to Edulink One.

Administration Settings

Once you have installed the Agent, the following article introduces you to the administration area and the welcome page where you can enable features and customise settings as required.

Setting Up Communicator

If you intend on using Edulink One’s Communicator (there are features that require it to be turned ON even if you do not intend to use it), the following article will help you set up features like Push Notification, SMS and Email to suit your school’s needs.

Should your school plan on using the Communicator function for notifications, for example, notifying parents of a student’s detention, then you can create notifications for your users in the Notification Tab.

Creating User Logins

The information in the list below relates to setting up logins (including how to enable Google and Microsoft logins) and any errors you may encounter.

How Do Our Users Log In?

There are different ways for users to log in depending on the setup you choose for your school. The following guide will help your users gain access to Edulink One.

Setting Up Admins

Next, you can set up Edulink One administrators and filter employees’ access by following the guidance in the articles below.

If you are planning on launching Edulink One at your school and require our logos, there is a download on Overnet Data’s website with some branding guidelines for schools.


Additionally, security settings including inactivity timeouts can be amended and configured using the following article.

There are many other features that you can use and customise within Edulink One. It is beneficial to spend time looking at the features and deciding which ones are right for your school. Once you have decided, Edulink One’s Knowledge Hub can help you with all of your setup needs.

User Guides

To help staff and parent users, schools can download our Edulink One guides and customise them to meet their needs.

Updated on 11 November 2022

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