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How Do I Know if My Messages Have Been Read? What Do the Message Icons Mean?

You can check the status of your messages in the Sent folder in Edulink One’s Messages.

The icons used indicate the different status of your message:

Green check: The green check means that a message has been sent, but it is unread by the recipient.

Edulink One can only know if a message has been read from the app, not email or SMS.

Eye Icon: The eye icon indicates that your message has been read by the recipient. This acts as a read receipt, showing you if your recipient has read your message.

Closed Eye Icon: One or more recipients has not read the message— this icon is used when there are multiple recipients.

Red Warning Icon: Indicates a failure to send to at least one person. To view the recipient(s) that have failed to receive the message, click on the recipients at the top of your sent message. The app tries 3 times to send the message.

Message Icons
Message Icons

Recipient Icons

You can identify recipients of sent messages by glancing at the icons on the left-hand side of the sent box.

Hat Icon: Indicates that the message recipient doesn’t have a photo.

Image Icon: The image is of the learner recipient/ teacher recipient if they have a photo.

Multiple Icons: Multiple icons indicate the number of recipients of an email; e.g. two hats indicate two recipients etc…

Recipient Icons
Recipient Icons in Sent Folder

You can click on the icon at the top of the reading pane to view any failed recipients.

Click Recipients to view failed messages
Recipients- Click to view failed message

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 1 March 2023

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