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Administration Settings and Setup (Welcome tab)

You can access the set up and configuration settings for Edulink One in your browser— only authorised employees can login to this area. Authorised employees access this section by logging into the user interface, clicking on the cog in the top left corner and selecting Administration.

Administration Settings
Administration Settings

If your installation is on the Overnet Data cloud, or has multiple schools connected to the same Edulink Integrator server, you need to enter the School ID or postcode you are searching for. You should login with the same credentials you use to login to the main interface.

The Welcome Tab

The main Edulink One Setup screen will appear once you have clicked on Administration or logged into the setup screen. You will be directed to the Welcome tab which includes information regarding setup, support contact, admin guide, usage statistics and cache refresh.

Welcome Tab
Welcome Tab

Additionally, the main setup page is comprised of various tabs with the different features of Edulink One. Clicking on a tab allows you access to the feature you would like to configure, such as Admin.

Usage Statistics: Administrators can view the statistics of different users within the last 30 days and the last 12 months. The colours represent the percentage of users that are most active on Edulink One and on which platform they access most.

Welcome Tab: Usage Statistics

If you would like to run a cache refresh, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and select either Full Sync or Documents Only.

However, if a cache is currently running and you need quick access to documents, you can tick the Force box and then Run Cache Refresh when you select Documents Only from the dropdown menu. This will force a cache and you will have your documents much faster, usually in 15 minutes.

Run Cache Refresh

For information regarding setup for each individual feature (tab), see the categories on the knowledge base homepage.

You can add administrators for the Edulink One account by clicking on the Admin tab. See ‘How do I add Admin Users to our Edulink One account?‘ to help you set up your admin users.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 2 September 2022

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