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Manage Templates in Edulink One

Templates are created in Messages/Communicator when you send a message and this is also where you can update a template. To create a new template, or to update an old one, please go to new message in Communicator. However, templates are managed in the cog at the top left of the screen.

Click on Manage Templates to enter the Templates window. You can view the Template Type beside the name of template, allowing you to see if the template is an email, an SMS, a push notification or a Push|SMS.

Manage Templates Window

You cannot edit your template here. You must go to Messages at the bottom of the Edulink One homepage and then to new message to edit your template.

You can perform two actions in this area, you can make a template global or change a template from global to non-global and you can delete a template.

You can only change or delete your templates and cannot do this to the templates of others.

Global Template

Delete a template by pressing the bin icon under the remove column.

If you click the bin icon, your template deletes instantly. Unlike other aspects of Edulink One, there is no confirmation message to alert you to a template removal. Therefore, if you accidentally press the bin icon, you will need to create your template again.

Remove Template

To return to the main menu once you have made your template global or deleted it, click the X in the top right corner of the Templates window.

Exit Manage Templates

How Do I Manage My Templates? Video

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 5 June 2024

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