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How Do Learners and Parents View Documents?

Documents are visible to learners and parents in the Documents icon. To access documents, parents or learners need to log in to their Edulink One accounts.

If this is the first time they are logging in, parents and learners will need to fill in either the school postcode or school ID and use their username and password emailed to them by the school.

Employees do not have a dedicated documents section.

Documents Icon
Documents Icon

Once logged in, parents or learners need to click on the Documents icon to open the documents window. All documents are visible in the table.

Parents and learners can view the fields of the documents at the top of the table, including the filename, type, date and they are able to download a copy of the document. This is in PDF format.

Documents window where learners and parent view and download documents.
Documents Table

The PDF file is located in the parent’s or learner’s downloads. The PDF will also open in a new window on their browser. Parents and learners can choose to print the PDF if they wish.

Documents in Messages

Documents are also visible to parents and learners in Messages in Edulink One.


Documents sent to parents and learners can be viewed in the Received folder in messages.

Parents or learners can read the document message, download the document attachment and reply to the sender if required.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 1 September 2022

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