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How Do I Create Achievement Notifications?

Create achievement notifications in the Notifications tab. This is located in the administration settings and can be set up by your school’s Edulink One administrator.

Notifications tab

If an achievement notification has not been set up in notifications, you need to scroll to the bottom of the table and press the + Create New Notification Rule button. However, if an achievement notification exists, you can edit the message by clicking the pen icon under the Actions column.

Select the ‘achievement’ Event Type.

Achievement notifications: Event Type

Then select the achievement type from the list. If you leave this field blank, it applies the notification to all achievement types.

Achievement type


Set the time you would like to send your message. This means that all achievements compiled throughout the day will be sent at the same time daily. Any achievements acquired outside of the time set will be queued to send the next day.

This is not a summary of achievement points. Every achievement given will still be sent in individual messages, but they will all send at the time set.

Send At feature

Select the message type you wish to send. You can choose to send Push (notifications, SMS, Email and Push | SMS type messages, which means you send both a push notification and an SMS message to your recipient.

notification type

Compose the message you would like the recipients to see. Below is a default template, but this can be changed to reflect your school’s requirements. If you would like to reset your message to default, press the ‘set default’ button.

Achievement notifications template body

The variables for achievement notifications are as follows:


Next, change the subject template if you would like (only applicable to email messages).

 Template Subject (email only)

Lastly, select the recipients receiving the achievement notifications. This can be more than one user type. For staff, select the individual staff members that must be notified of an achievement. Otherwise, simply turn the other user type fields from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’.

Recipient types for achievement notifications

Click ‘Save Rule’ in order to save the notification. The notifications table updates to reflect the new notification.

Save Rule

Lastly, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of your screen.


MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 19 October 2022

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