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How do I move Edulink One to hosted SIMS?

The way Edulink One connects to hosted SIMS is via a server with a SIMS.net workstation installed on it that has a VPN connection to the hosted SIMS.

When your hosted solution is set up, it uses a Third Party Connector server (TPC) which may or may not be an old SIMS server.

This TPC server connects to the hosted solution via a VPN.

If an old SIMS server is used, you should be able to use the Edulink Agent installed and change the MIS Connection settings to the new server details, making sure the Edulink Account is transferred to the hosted solution.

If you need to re-install the agent, follow the instructions in the moving guide and make a backup of the settings file away from the SIMS server. You will need to update the MIS connection with the new server details.

Please note for every Spring, Summer and Autumn upgrade you will need to update the TPC SIMS.net workstation. After this, it is advisable to reboot this server after you have upgraded.

MIS Compatibility

Updated on 9 August 2023

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