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What Groups Does the MIS Groups Filter Pull In?

There are many areas in Edulink One functionality where you can filter to narrow your search for users based on specific criteria. One of the fields you can filter by is MIS Groups.

MIS Group Filter


Edulink One pulls the information in for MIS groups from User Defined Groups and Discover Groups in SIMS.

Groups that MIS Groups pull in

The groups must be active in SIMS in order for Edulink One to pull them into the app. There should also be an accurate effective date range and members in the group.

If the date range is not what you expect, you can drag the orange bars to reflect the accurate date range.

Arbor MIS Groups

In Arbor, the MIS Groups are created and pulled from within School > School Structure or you can create them from within ‘Student’. To create these groups, please see Create and Use Custom Groups for Arbor.

Custom Groups in Arbor
Examples of Custom Groups in Arbor

The Custom Groups (User Defined Groups or Discover Groups) will appear in the MIS Group field in Edulink One’s user filtering options.

Edulink MIS Groups from Custom/User Defined Groups

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 2 October 2023

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