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How Do I Add Behaviour and Achievement through the Register?

Adding behaviour and achievement in registers is quick and simple in Edulink One

Log in to Edulink One, locate the Registers icon and click on it.

Registers Icon
Registers Icon

After clicking on Registers, select the register you want to take and click. This takes you to the lesson register window.

Accessing Behaviour and Achievement Buttons

At the top of the right-hand pane, there is a Behaviour button and an Achievement button. Click on the image of the learner and select Behaviour to add a new incident or Achievement to award a learner.

Behaviour and Achievement Buttons

The process is the same as if you are adding behaviour or achievement in the Behaviour icon. Fill in the required fields to complete either the behaviour or achievement form.

Add Behaviour

After the form is complete, click the Submit Behaviour or Submit Achievement button.

Add Achievement

To add a new detention, read this article on how to view, add and manage detentions.

If successful, a message appears in green ‘successfully submitted behaviour [or achievement]’.

Filling in Report Cards

Teachers and other employees can fill in report cards for learners placed on report. The learner on report appears with a red (R) next to their name.

To update a report card, click the book icon to fill it in.

Note: Report cards must be set up in SIMS before they can be pulled in by Edulink One. A new report card must be created in SIMS for every student placed on report. To pull in the report card targets you need to run a cache.

Report card icon and update report

Then, you will be taken to the report card screen where you can tick whether or not the learner has achieved their target, write a comment and fill in your initials if they are not there automatically.

Report card details in the Register

When you have finished completing the report, click Save.

MIS Compatibility

mis compatibility
Updated on 16 May 2024

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