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How Do I View, Add and Manage Detentions?

Members of staff can view, add and manage detentions by clicking the Detentions icon on the Edulink One homepage.

To configure detentions, you must set them up in the Behaviour tab.

View, Add and Manage Detentions: Detentions icon
Detentions Icon

Once clicked, the detentions screen will open where you can see the detentions to/ from dates. Furthermore, details of the detentions appear adjacent to the calendars.


The window outlines the type of detention, including the teacher assigned, the location of the detention, the capacity of the detention (which must be set in SIMS), the number of learners allocated to the detention and the date and time of the detention.

Detention details

You can also filter by detention type. Select the type of detention you would like to filter by and they will appear in the window adjacent.

Filter by Detention type
Filter by detention type example

You need to click on a detention to view the learners allocated to it.

View of Learners in Detentions

The view of learners in ‘Detentions’ is outlined in the table columns.

Full Name: This allows you to see the full name of the learner.

Form: The learner’s form, for example, 10 A.

Type: The type of behaviour incident that was recorded by the teacher, defiance, for instance.

Date: The date the behaviour was recorded.

Attended: You can register detention attendance in the ‘attended’ column and change the detention session, if missed, by clicking the pen icon. You can mark learners as NOR (not recorded), ATT (attended) and NAT (not attended).

Employee Name: The name of the employee that set the detention.

View of learners in detentions
Detention Register

Pen Icon: To edit learner attendance, move the learner to a new detention and add comments regarding the detention, click the pen icon.

You will be asked whether the learner has attended the detention. If the learner has not attended, you can move the learner to the next available detention.

Detention attendance
Edit/ Manage detention

Type comments regarding non-attendance and other comments in the boxes provided.

Attend next session commentary

Bin Icon: Remove a learner from detention. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Manage Detentions: Edit detention confirmation window
Remove from detention- Bin Icon

Manage Detentions: Add a Learner to an Existing Detention

Click on the Detention Icon and then click on an existing detention to add a learner.

Detentions Icon
Detentions Icon

Next, click the Add Learner button after selecting a detention to view.

Manage detentions: Add learner to a detention
Add Learner Button

Select the learner you would like to add to the detention by clicking on their image. Additionally, you can filter by Year, Form, Class, Gender, SIMS Groups, Groups or House. Click Next when you have selected the learner.

Add the learners to a detention
Add Learner to detention

A window will open asking you to provide the reason and comment for adding a learner to the detention. The reason for detention coincides with behaviour types from the behaviour icon.

Give the reason for adding the learner to the detention
Add Learner to detention

After submitting a reason and a comment, a message will appear in green stating ‘changes submitted successfully’ or a window will appear alerting you that the learner is already in a detention.

Select another detention from the list and click the Add button. The message ‘changes submitted successfully’ will appear in green if you are successful.

Manage detentions: Select another detention if the student has one already.
Select Another Detention Message

Detention at Capacity

Detention capacity must be set in the MIS and not in Edulink One. If a detention has reached its full capacity, a message will appear stating that the detention is full if you try to add a learner.

If the detention is full, you can select a new detention from the dropdown menu and add the learner to a new one.

This also applies when adding a detention to a behaviour incident in the register. If you select a detention and it is at capacity a message will appear stating it is full.

Then, you can select another detention from the dropdown menu and add the learner to it.

Adding a Detention

To add a detention, click on the Detention Icon and the Add Detention button.

Manage detentions: Adding a detention to the schedule.
Add Detention Button

The create detention window will open. Include the Date of the detention, Start Time of the detention, End Time of the detention, Room where the detention is located and the Teacher who is overseeing the detention.

Then, click Add to add the detention to the rota. A green message stating ‘Success’ will appear once the detention has been added.

Manage detentions: Create a detention window.
Create Detention

Some schools choose to enable only certain members of staff to set detentions. You can choose to enable this feature by configuring the Behaviour tab.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility

‘How Do I View, Add and Manage Detentions?’ Video

Updated on 21 December 2023

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