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How Do I Complete Registers in Edulink One?

To complete registers, log in to Edulink One using your credentials and select the Registers icon.

Registers Icon
Registers Icon

The teacher’s registers will appear for their classes.

The teacher and the date appear in the left pane of the registers window. The ability to ‘Change Teacher‘ is also there if a teacher is covering.

In the right pane, there is a table with all of the teacher’s lessons. To take a register, click on a class.

If the register is overdue, the word Overdue appears in red at the end of the table. Any lessons in grey indicate a double period, Edulink One will automatically generate the correct marks for the second lesson.

Register Window: Overview
Register Overview

If you would like to enable staff to manually register students for a double/ triple lesson, turn ON Separate Linked Periods in the Registers tab.

Taking Registers

After a class has been selected from the registers, a window opens to allow the teacher to complete the register for that class.

View of Lesson Register
View of Lesson Register

The left pane contains the teacher and the option to switch between touch and keyboard to fill in mark codes. To select your preference, click on the image of the method you would like to use to complete registers.

Mouse and Keyboard function

Additionally, you can submit your completed registers or cancel them in the left pane.

Take A Register

To take a register, select whether you would like to fill in the register using a mouse or a keyboard (not all information about various mark codes is available in the keyboard option). The learners are listed on the left and the attendance marks are on the right.

To mark a learner Present, select the checkmark which will turn green. To record an Absence, select the cross.

Registers Pane
Registers Pane

Select the appropriate mark code for the learner’s absence and click it. The mark code will be recorded in red indicating the reason for the absence.

Mark Codes for Register
Mark Codes
Example Absence Mark

To override a mark you have submitted, select a new mark code from the Absence (X) column. Alternatively, you can override an absence code and mark a pupil present if an error is made.

Certain mark codes may generate a confirmation message if you attempt to change them. This may be because the attendance officer has filled these in before the start of lessons. Consider carefully before changing these codes.

Tags and Meal Options

Tags: Learner tags, including SEN, PP, Medical, Gifted and Talented, etc., will be visible to the teacher when the Tags box is ticked— this includes information regarding Parental Consent. To view the parental consents, click on the learner.

Tags contain potentially sensitive data. Therefore, it is important to consider whether the tags are on before projecting a register. If you want to disable tags so they are not visible upon opening registers, configure the ‘Hide tags’ settings in the Registers tab.

Meal Options: Tick the Meal Options box to fill in what meal the learner is ordering/has for that day. Teachers can select which meal option each student has from the dropdown menu beside the AM or PM marks.

Teachers can select from Cash Cafeteria, Home, Other School (in the event the learner attends more than one school), Packed Lunch and School Meal. Furthermore, if a learner is absent, teachers can select ‘Absent‘ from the dropdown menu options.

Note that Meal Options is a SIMS add-on and must have been purchased by your school for it to work.

Meal Options

Adding Late Minutes

Lateness: To add late marks to your register, click on the Absence X icon. Select Late (L) before registers close to record a late pupil that arrives before registration. This will appear as a green L in the Present checkmark column. However, if a learner arrives late after registration is complete, select Late (U) after registers close which will appear as a red U in the absence column.

Late Mark Codes

Late Minutes: To add late minutes to a learner, select the Comment bubble beside the learner’s image. You can include comments regarding the learner here and submit late minutes.

Comment and Late Minutes

A red dot appears to indicate that there is a comment or late minutes attached to the learner. This is visible for the day.

Using Comments for Recording Appointments

You can use the speech bubble next to a learner’s name to record other comments unrelated to late minutes. For example, a learner has an appointment and you would like to communicate to staff the time and nature of the appointment. This comment will remain with the learner for the day and the learner’s teachers will be able to read it.

Comment for appointments


Floodfill: In the event you would like to floodfill a register, select the Floodfill button in the top right-hand corner. Then, select which mark code you would like to input and click it.

Floodfill Button

The register will be filled in with the chosen mark code.

Filling in Report Cards

Teachers and other employees can fill in report cards for learners placed on report. The learner on report appears with a red (R) next to their name.

To update a report card, you need to click on the book icon to fill it in.

Note: Report cards must be set up in SIMS before they can be pulled in by Edulink One. A new report card must be created in SIMS for every student placed on report.

Report card icon and update report

Then, you will be taken to the report card screen where you can tick whether or not the learner has achieved their target, write a comment and fill in your initials if they are not there automatically.

When you have finished completing the report, click Save.

Report card details in the Register

Teachers can view a learner’s details, including behaviour and achievement, SEN and Medical information, parental consent information and pronouns by clicking on a learner’s name.

Click on learner's name to view pronouns and parental consent information.

Once the teacher clicks the name, the ‘Details window opens and the teacher can see all of the relevant information, including pronouns and consent for various activities.

Details window (parent consent and pronouns)

Submit Register

Once you have completed your register, click Submit. A confirmation message will appear, allowing the teacher or employee to verify the information is correct before submission.

Submit Button
Confirm Registers

You can also click on the arrow to view the images of the learners in your register.

Lastly, the teacher clicks the Submit button to submit their register, which writes back live to SIMS.

Once you have completed your register, click Submit. A confirmation message will appear, allowing the teacher or employee to verify the information is correct before submission.

Submit Button

Confirm Registers

Completing Registers Video

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 21 June 2024

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