How Do I Configure Registers Settings?

To begin, log in to Edulink One and locate Administration by clicking the cog at the top of the homepage.


Select the Registers tab to enable taking registers in Edulink One.

Edulink One writes back registers taken in the app to SIMS in real-time, meaning you will always have up-to-date information.

Registers Tab
Registers Tab

Statutory Registers

Enable Statutory (AM/PM) register taking: Enables statutory register taking for employees only. The Register icon will appear on employee screens so they can take statutory registers.

Enable Statutory Register Taking (AM/PM)
Enable Statutory (AM/PM) register taking
Registers Icon
Registers Icon

Default Statutory mark (AM and PM): Select specific default marks for Present AM ( / ) or Present PM ( \ ), which students will be given automatically when opening the register. This will not overwrite pre-entered marks. This is set to ‘Do not set default marks‘ by default.

Default Statutory Marks (AM/PM)
Default Statutory Marks (AM/PM)

Generate missing statutory registers (for primary schools ONLY): Allows employees to take the morning statutory register and will automatically generate the marks for the afternoon statutory register.

Lesson Registers

Enable Lesson register taking: Enables lesson registers within the Register icon for all employees. Registers will be displayed and employees will be able to complete them. Switch ON to use this function.

Default Lesson mark: This allows you to set default marks for lesson registers which students will be given automatically when opening the register. This will not overwrite pre-entered marks. This is set to ‘Do not set default marks‘ by default.

Default Lesson Mark

Separate linked periods: Allows employees to access registers for double/ triple lessons, rather than just the first period. The first and second (or third) periods will fill in automatically as usual. However, this setting allows staff to change the marks for the second or third lesson if the pupil arrives in the second period, or to change a mark in the first lesson if necessary. Set this to ON if you would like to enable this capability.

Separate Linked Period

Mark Codes Settings

Only use these mark codes: This setting limits the codes staff can select when completing registers; the codes are taken from SIMS. Select the codes your school would like to use and leave the codes you would like to restrict blank. Select all to use all mark codes.

Only use these mark codes
Only use these mark codes (restricts mark codes)

Marks protected from flood fill: Prevents any of the marks selected from changing if present when a register is flood filled.

Marks Protected from flood fill
Marks Protected from Flood Fill

Codes prompt change: Prompts the user for confirmation when changing these mark codes.

If you have set the ​Only use these mark codes ​setting, it is recommended that you include any deselected codes from that setting in Codes prompt change. If your attendance officer has entered a mark, employees will be notified they are about to change a code, preventing accidental changes to the register.

Codes Prompt Change
Codes Prompt Change

Register Tags Settings

Enable Register Tags: Enable register tags to allow teachers additional information about the learners. This includes the following tags; SEN (Special Educational Need), EAL (English as an Additional Language), PP (Pupil Premium), M (Medical Condition), G&T (Gifted and Talented), as well as the number of behaviour points and the number of achievement points accumulated that day.

Auto hide tags: Hides tags including potentially sensitive information from a potential GDPR breach when opening the register.

Selected Tags: Select the tags that you wish to display on registers.

If you include ‘Missing Parental Consent’ in ‘Selected Tags’ for registers, select which parental consents you would like employees to check for in the Parental Consents setting at the bottom of the page.

Register tags
Register Tags

Hide Comments: Hide the comment option when employees open registers.

Hide Comments also prevents teachers from entering minutes late.

Hide Comments
Hide Comments

Boarder Identification: Select all boarding types to identify if a student is a boarder. As these can be specified/changed within, you need to select all values which show that this learner ​IS ​a boarder if you would like to use the boarder tag on registers.

Boarder Identification

Parental Consents: The parental consents to check for when the ‘missing parental consent‘ register tag is enabled.

Parental Consents
Parental Consents

Exclude Code from SEN tag: This allows you to select the SEN tags you do not want to be displayed on the register for learners.

Exclude codes from SEN tag

When you have finished configuring the register settings, click Save at the bottom of the page to save your configuration.

Save Button
Save Button

Your teachers can now start using registers in the user interface.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 15 February 2024

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