How Do I Add a Student to My Register?

To add a student to your register for a lesson, log in to Edulink One and click on the Registers icon.

It is important to note that the learner can only be added for one lesson. If this is a permanent change, talk to your admin team so they can change this in SIMS.

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Registers Icon

Select the register you will complete or the register you want to add the learner to.

Adding a Learner to the Register

Some schools need to add a student to a lesson for many reasons, e.g. a student is isolated with their form tutor for the day because of incorrect uniform. Clicking ‘Add Students’ ensures that the learner is accounted for, causing less confusion when completing registers.

To add a learner, click the Add Students button at the top of the Registers window.

Next, click on the learner you wish to add from the images to the right or filter the learners using the filters on the left. You can add a learner by Name, Year, Form, Class, Gender, SIMS Groups, Groups or House.

Moreover, if you are adding several pupils, tick the Selected box.

You can Select All to add all learners from a group, though this instance would be rare and may be used in the event of combining classes for a particular reason.

Click Add to add the learner to the register. The page will revert to the Registers window and the added learner will be located at the bottom of the register.

Add Learner

Complete the register as normal and click Submit. A confirmation message will prompt you to review your register before submission.

Confirm Registers (image view)

Finally, a message will appear in green stating ‘Register successfully submitted’.

Updated on 15 February 2024

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