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Enabling and Updating the Medical Screen

Administrators can enable the medical screen in the Edulink One administration area. Firstly, go to Administration and click on the General Tab to enable the medical screen.

General Tab

Scroll to the medical fields in the general tab and select the users you would like to enable the medical screen for. You can choose to allow all employees, parents, learners and teaching staff access to this setting. Alternatively, you can create user groups to allow specific individuals access to the medical screen.

Enable medical screen for

The ‘Show medical events to’ field allows users to view medical events for individuals. Though you can allow multiple user groups to view this information, it is recommended that this field is set to employees only. Alternatively, you can create a fixed user group to allow only certain individuals access.

Show Medical Events to

Medical Information in the User Interface

In the user interface, users that have access to medical information can view this in the Medical Info icon.

Medical Info icon

Inside the medical screen, they will be able to see if the learner has emergency consent (in loco parentis), their medical practice, medical conditions, medical notes and medical events (enabled for specific users).

Emergency consent
Emergency Consent Info
Medical Condition and Medical notes example
Medical Condition and Medical Notes Example
Medical Event information
Medical Event Example

Edulink One pulls all medical information for a learner from the MIS.

Updating Medical Information

Parents can update medical information for their children using the Update Information icon.

Update information icon

Here, parents can select their child’s profile to edit their personal information, including medical details.

Parent and child update information

To do this in the app, parents should go to their Update Information icon and select it. To update their child’s profile, parents need to click on the arrows beside their profile name. This is the ‘switch profile‘ button.

Switch profile button: App only

Select your child’s profile from the menu.

Child's profile in app

In both the app and computer-based versions of Edulink One, you can update your child’s medical practice, medical conditions and disabilities.

Update Medical Information: Update Information icon
Update Information icon

Click ‘Save‘ to update your child’s profile. The changes to medical information will be reviewed by data collection administrators before being accepted.

Changes accepted by data managers in Data Collections update live in the MIS.

Save button

Medical Changes in the MIS

Certain medical information can only be updated in your school’s MIS.

Emergency consent for learners’ medical needs requires manual updating in the MIS. Edulink One will update the emergency consent in the medical info icon once a cache completes. If a child has emergency consent, parents will see a green check and if they don’t parents will see a red X. Parents that would like to provide emergency consent should contact their school so they can update their MIS.

Emergency consent

Additionally, authorised individuals must update medical notes and events in the school’s MIS. Once a cache completes, any new medical notes or events will be updated in Edulink One.

Updated on 28 September 2022

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