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Create Fixed User Groups in the User Groups Tab

To create a fixed user group for your school with Edulink One’s administration settings, you need to log in to your Edulink One account and select Administration from the cog at the top of the homepage. Fixed user groups are helpful because they can ensure that only a select group of employees, learners or parents can view specific content. Then, locate the User Groups tab in the Edulink One Setup area and click on it.

User Groups Tab
User Groups Tab

You can create a group based on three types: Employees, Learners and Parents. The total members of your group are located in the table, in addition to the pen icon for editing your group and the bin for deleting your group.

To create a new user group, click + Create New User Group.

Fixed User Groups Table: Create New User Group
Fixed User Groups Table

Select the Group Type you would like to create from the dropdown menu.

You can create Communicator Groups for messaging in the Employee type only.

Group Type
Group Type

Once you have selected the group type, Employee, Learner or Parent, Name your group and select the Members.

Group Name and Members fields
Group Name and Members
Select Group Members
View of Group Name and Members

Click Save Group to save your new group or click Cancel to abandon your group changes and return to the User Groups tab.

Save Group
Save Group or Cancel

If you intend to cancel your group creation, a confirmation message will appear, prompting you to confirm that you wish to abandon the group changes.

Confirm Group Cancellation
Confirm Cancel

Where Can I Use Custom User Groups?

You can use custom user groups in the following settings:

Administration tabSetting
AnalyticsAll user settings
AttendanceShow today’s attendance to Statutory attendance data to Statutory attendance embargo user types
BehaviourAll user settings
CalendarEnable calendar screen for
Class DashboardEnable class dashboard screen for
ClubsEnable clubs
CommunicatorEmployees allowed to bulk message
Data collectionEnable data collection
ExamsAll user settings
GeneralHide learner photos for
Enable account info screen for
Enable learners screen for
Enable assessment screen for
Enable cashless catering screen for
Enable contacts screen for
Enable medical screen for Show medical events to
Enable SEN screen for
Enable SEN events to
Show SEN documents to
Enable SEN strategies for  
HomeworkEnable Homework screen for  
LinksEnable links screen for
Parent EventEnable parent event for
PaymentsEnable iPayimpact payments for
Seating plansView all plans for a learner
SecurityAll user settings

Click the Save button at the bottom of the User Groups tab to save your group. You can then use the new group in the administration settings as required.

You can create up to 20 fixed user groups in the User Groups tab. If your school requires more groups, contact Edulink One support.

Custom Communicator Group (Employee Group Type)

If you select the Employee group type, you can create a group which will be available to use as a recipient type when you create new messages.

Write the name of your group, e.g. SEND Team, and select the members of the group. Groups can have as little as one member (e.g. SEND Coordinator) or as many as you require.

Setting up a communicator group

In the ‘Communicator group for’ field, select which groups of users can see the group as a recipient in ‘New Message’. You can select multiple groups like Parents, Learners or Employees, and you can also choose to have the group only visible to another fixed group, like SLT.

Communicator Group for

Save your group.

Save Group

You can follow the next steps when adding recipients to a message here.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 15 February 2024

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