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Why Can’t I See a Parent Event?

A parent event is a snapshot in time. Therefore, if the student/parent were not in SIMS, they won’t be on the event. This can happen if there have been changes made in SIMS after the event has been created.

To remedy this, the parent event manager should go to their Parents’ Evening icon and click on click on the event Details, at the far right of the screen.

For example, if a student is missing, you should click on + next to learners.

Even if the student is already on the event, go through the process of adding them as if they weren’t (some schools move sets termly based on data, for instance). 

If the learner is already in the Parents’ Evening event, do not delete them. This will delete all of their bookings for all of their classes.

Find the learner, select them and click Add. This will refresh the information relating to them.

Add learner
Updated on 30 September 2022

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