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How Can I End a Video Conference Early?

The latest feature in Edulink One allows teachers to end appointments early during video conferences.

You begin the video appointments the same way you usually would. Log in to Edulink One and locate and click on the Parents’ Evening icon.

Parents' Evening Icon

Next, you must find the parent event that you need to attend and click on it to access the Start Appointments button for video conferencing.

Click anywhere to view your appointments
Video conferencing using Twilio: Start Appointments
Start Appointments

A video conferencing window will appear with the name and start time of the event. Teachers must start the appointments by opening Start Appointments before the first booking on the day of the Parents’ Evening.

To end a call early, you can now click on the phone icon which turns red at the start of an appointment. It can be used to ‘hang up’ at any point you have finished your conversation.

End video conference early button

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 1 September 2022

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