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How Do I Set Up the Analytics Tab?

To set up your Analytics tab, log in to Edulink One and locate the administration settings in the top left of your screen. This is an employee-only function in Edulink One.

Analytics Tab
Analytics Tab

Click on the tab to enter the setup for Analytics.

Enable Analytics screen for: Select the group(s) you would like to enable the Analytics icon for.

It is highly recommended that you use Fixed User Groups when enabling portions of this tab, so information regarding callout data and homework data is limited to SLT members.

Enable Analytics Screen for

Enable Homework Overview for: This allows you to view the number of homework items set over time for a department. It might be useful to limit this data to SLT so they can share this with staff when needed.

Enable homework overview for

Enable Document Access Report for: Views which users have accessed a document. This is a valuable feature to see whether learners and parents have accessed reports or other necessary documentation. Moreover, it is useful to see whether an employee has viewed an important document that requires filling in.

Enable Document Access Report for

Enable Employee Callout Overview for: Allows users to view numbers on the number of callouts made by individual staff members, as well as the number of responses. This is an area that could be considered confidential, and you should limit access to a fixed group, such as SLT.

To create a fixed user group, use the User Groups tab in the administration settings.

enable employee callout overview for

Enable Club Attendance Overview: This setting allows you to view the number of sessions learners have attended for all school clubs. You can narrow your search requirements to year groups, houses and more in the user interface.

Enable Achievement Overview for: This setting allows you to produce a report of achievement points or records for different pupil groups (e.g. PP, EAL, Gender) etc… You can also filter these reports and group them by week or month. You can select up to 3 fields to group by. There are also optional filters to exclude/include certain data.

Enable achievement overview for field

Enable Behaviour Overview for: This setting works the same way as Achievement Overview, except it produces a report for behaviour analytics based on behaviour points or records, depending on your selection. You can also group by up to 3 sets of data and use the optional filters to exclude/ include anything you don’t need.

Enable Behaviour overview for

Once your configuration is complete, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Save button
Save Button

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility

Achievement Overview and Behaviour Overview are currently limited to specific fields in Arbor.

Updated on 27 February 2023

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