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How Do I Provide Learners with a Copy of Exam Results?

You can provide learners with a copy of exam results in Edulink One using Document Messaging.

Please note you can only send out a statement of results using Document Messaging after the exam embargo has lifted.

Document Messaging Icon

You need to run a statement of results in the SIMS Exams Organiser. Go to Reports > Results > Candidate Statement of Results.

Exams Organiser

Make your selection and then select Export to DMS.

Export to DMS
Statement of results: running
Running a Statement of Results Report

Once you have run the report, check the learner’s linked documents in SIMS. If they are there, you can now log in to Edulink One to proceed with the next steps.

Linked documents
Statement of Results in Linked Documents

You can also run a statement of results report directly from SIMS by going to Tools > Examinations > Candidate Statement of Results Report. Once there, you can make your selection and run and upload the statement of results without needing to go to the Exam Organiser.

Go to the Welcome page in the Edulink One Administration settings and run a ‘Sync Documents Only’ cache. This will take approximately 15-20 minutes to run, though this depends on how many documents you are importing as several hundred documents may take over an hour.

Sync documents only cache

Once the cache is complete, you can send out the statement of results to learners using Document Messaging. The document will then appear in the students’ Documents icon and will also be sent to their messages.

Statement of results in Document Messaging

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 24 August 2023

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