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Setting Up iPayimpact for My School

Edulink One can now provide integration with iPayimpact so parents can now pay for school expenses at the touch of a button.

iPayimpact Settings

To set up Edulink One’s Payments function for your school, the school administrator for iPayimpact must log in to the school account.

iPayimpact login page

Once logged in to iPayimpact, you will be logged into your school’s homepage.

iPayimpact Home
Full Screen

On the navigation menu, click on Your Establishment and then on Details.

iPayimpact menu: Your Establishment/ Details

Here, you will see the Establishment ID number. You need to copy the Establishment ID to input it into Edulink One’s Payments tab in the administration settings.

iPayimpact Establishment ID number for set up
Full Screen Establishment Details Page
Establishment ID close up
Establishment ID Number

After copying the Establishment ID number, you need to go to your Edulink One Administration settings and click on the Payments tab.

Payments Tab

Next, go to the Enable iPayimpact payments for to set up the option of linking iPayimpact accounts to Edulink One. You can allow the following user groups this option: All Employees, Teaching Staff, Learners and Parents.

You also have the option to select only Fixed Employee Groups which can be set up in the User Groups tab in Edulink’s administration settings.

Enable iPayimpact payments for (user groups)

Once you have chosen your user groups, you need to input the iPayimpact School ID (Establishment ID number). At this point, copy and paste the number into the iPayimpact School ID setting.

iPayimpact School ID (paste Establishment ID here)

Finally, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the settings.

Your users will now see the iPayimpact Payments icon on their user interface.

iPayimpact icon

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 5 July 2024

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