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How Do I Link My iPayimpact Account to Edulink One?

Parents, employees or learners that have an iPayimpact account from CRB Cunninghams now have the option to link their account to Edulink One.

For schools, to set up the option to link to iPayimpact, see the Payments setting in the administration area.

To do this, users need to log in to their Edulink One account and locate the iPayimpact Payments icon to get started.

iPayimpact Payments icon

Click on the iPayimpact Payments icon and it will redirect you to the iPayimpact email validation page. Enter your email and iPayimpact checks to see if you have an existing account. If it finds an account, it will link up your account and password so the next time you click on the iPayimpact Payments icon, you do not have to sign in (single sign-on).

You can still log in to iPayimpact directly if you choose.

iPayimpact Validate Email Address Screen

However, if iPayimpact cannot find an account for you, it will redirect you to a registration page where you register your personal and payment details.

Once you link iPayimpact and Edulink One, you can access your children’s school payments for your school. Additionally, iPayimpact will also link up your iPayimpact at other schools, such as a primary. All information and payments for your children will be in one place.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 12 August 2022

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