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How Do Parents and Learners View Assessments?

Parents and learners view assessments using the Assessment icon in the Edulink One app or website.

Parents and/or learners must log on to Edulink One to access their child’s/ their assessments. If the parent or learner has not logged into Edulink One previously, they must access the login details their school has emailed them first to log in.

Once logged in, parents or learners view the latest assessment, or past assessments, using the Assessment icon. They must click on it to acquire their latest grades or other relevant information.

Parents and Learners View Assessments: Assessment Icon
Learner Screen: Assessment Icon

Parents will have the same view as their child because Edulink One opens to a view of their child’s screen. The main difference is that parents will have additional information and icons that their children might not.

Parent view of children's screens. Parent View

If parents have multiple children that attend the same school, Edulink One creates multiple tabs at the top with each child’s image. To enter a child’s account, parents need to click on the image of their child, which will take them to their child’s screen.

The learner’s highest priority assessment appears in the assessment window. The subject column appears first and then subsequent columns, usually containing grades or targets, appear after.

Individual schools might include formatting, such as coloured backgrounds to indicate a particular grade, they will provide learners and parents information as to the meaning of the formatting.

Parents and Learners view of assessment
Learner’s Assessment

Additionally, other assessments are available to select in a dropdown menu. Parents and/or learners can also use the arrows available to move between the different assessments.

Filter assessments in the dropdown menu.
move between assessments using the arrows

Accessing Sub Grids

Assessments might contain subgrids within them. Parents and learners can access these subgrids by clicking on the + toggle to open them.

Viewing sub grids
Sub Grids

In the example below, the subgrid contains effort grades that the parents and learners can view. They have been formatted by the Administrator using conditional formatting. Each subject that contains an effort subgrid will have similar information.

Viewing Sub Grids: Example
Sub Grid View

To return to their main homepage, both learners and parents must click the back button on the assessment icon.

Parents and Learner's View of Assessments: Back button to return to the main menu.
Back Button

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 23 February 2024

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