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How Do I View Learners’ Assessments?

Teachers can view learners’ assessments through the Learners icon in their Edulink One account.

Your administrator must configure the Assessment tab before viewing learner assessments.

View Learners' Assessments: Learners Icon
Learners Icon

First, you need to log in to Edulink One and select the Learners icon to begin.

Next, search for a specific learner to view. You can use the filters available to narrow down the scope of the search

Learners Window: Search for learners
Learners Window

If you know the learner’s name, simply type the name into the search bar.

You can only view one learner at a time. The learners feature in Edulink One allows you to access the learner’s screen, letting you view information that you need, such as assessments.

Alternatively, you can use the filters to aid in your search. You can search by Year, Form, Class, Gender, SIMS Groups, Groups and House.

Once the learner has been identified, click on the image of the learner to access their screen.

View Learners' Assessments: Learner View
Learner’s Screen

Find the Assessment icon on the learner’s screen and click it.

Learner's Assessment View
Assessment View

The highest priority assessment (Pos.) will open automatically by default. However, you can use the filter to select additional assessments.

All assessments are also available to select in a dropdown menu at the right of the screen. Click on the arrow to select an assessment, or you can use the arrows on either side to move between assessments.

Assessment filter dropdown menu
Arrows to move between assessments

Administrators will be able to see more on a ‘learner view’ than the learner themselves or even another teacher by using the preview function. This is to allow for testing, so you can view unpublished assessment grids.

In the example below, the grades are available in each cell of a column. Sometimes, Administrators use conditional formulas to highlight information in a particular cell, e.g. using colours to highlight whether a learner is ‘on track’.

Viewing Sub Grids

To view subgrids, a teacher needs to click on the + toggle to view the data.

View Learners' Assessments: Sub Grids
Sub Grid

When the toggle opens, you can view the data and any conditional formatting that the Administrator has used. In this case, the effort grades also have a pale green background and text to highlight ‘good’ effort.

Back Arrow

When you have finished viewing/ analysing the learner’s data, click the back arrow on the Assessment icon to return to the learner’s screen.

Home Icon
Home Icon

If you have finished viewing the learner’s screen, return to your homepage by selecting the Home icon.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 23 February 2024

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