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What is the Personal Tab in Forms?

All employees have access to the personal tab in forms; it indicates that the forms located in this area are forms that the employee must fill in themselves.

To access personal forms, log in to Edulink One, locate the Forms icon and click on it.

Forms Icon in Edulink One

The forms window will open, and then select the Personal tab which is the last tab at the top of the window.

Personal Tab
Personal Tab

Once the tab is open, a new table outlines the personal forms the employee must fill in. If the employee has completed a form, the Completed column will have a checkmark instead of an X.

Personal forms are located in the personal tab in forms.
Personal Tab Table

The employee must click on the forms to view the content. Once open, they need to fill in the form.

Exemplar Form

Once the form has been completed, the employee must click Submit. A green ‘Success’ message appears.

Submit a form using the submit button.
Submit Form

A green checkmark will appear next to the completed form.

Completed form
Completed Form

Viewing, Modifying, Cloning and Completing Forms Video

MIS Compatability

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 14 February 2024

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