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What Data Is Written Live to SIMS?

The items that get written live back to SIMS are: 

  • Registers  
  • Data Collections
  • Attendance 
  • Achievement 
  • Behaviour (Behaviour removed from Edulink will be live unless it’s more than 28 days old) 
  • Detentions 
  • Marksheets 
  • Profiles 
  • Cover Rooms is updated on an hourly basis (only one way, from SIMS to Edulink). 

Regarding behaviour and achievement, if these are added by bulk the view will not be live. 

Note that if a behaviour is removed from SIMS, it will reflect instantly in the learner area but is cached in the employee/behaviour area.  

Exam timetables do not work if the link to SIMS is severed, though they are cached. 

All information other than Cover Rooms is updated every 12 hours after the last cache completion.  However, you can perform a manual cache if needed.

A cache is hardware or software used to store data temporarily.

There is also an option to allow Edulink One Administrators to run a cache refresh on the Welcome Tab.  

If you see a message saying the cache is already running, tick the Force box and then click Run Cache Refresh again. This will force through the cache.  

If you have only made changes to linked documents in SIMS, change the Full Sync to Documents only and click Run Cache Refresh.  

Updated on 9 March 2022

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