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Using Timetable in Edulink One

Timetable allows staff, students and parents/carers to view their timetable (or their child’s timetable) for the week.

Configuring the Timetable (Admins)

The timetable is configured in the General tab in the administration settings. Go to Administration and then to General and click to view the settings.

Please note: If you cannot see your timetable, your school may not have rolled their timetable forward, may have decided not to enable this feature, may need to run a cache to pull through timetable information from the MIS, or may need to check that the start and effective dates for the academic year are the same in the MIS. If you are experiencing difficulties, contact your school’s IT department.

Timetable changes that happen mid-year will not be applied until the school’s start date, e.g. after the two-week winter break. If you need to apply a new timetable mid-year, contact Overnet Data for more support.

Setting Up the General Tab
General Tab

Scroll to find the Enable Timetable Screen for settings, and then select the user groups that need access to the timetable. Tick all the groups that apply.

Setting up the General Tab: Enable Timetable Screen
Enable Timetable screen for

Once this part of General is configured, the Timetable icon will be visible on Edulink One’s main menu.

Viewing Your Timetable

To view your timetable, click on the Timetable icon.

Timetable icon
Timetable Icon: Desktop View
Timetable: App View
Timetable Icon: App View

The timetable screen tells the user the Period, the Subject (including the code), the Room, the Teacher, and the Start and End times.

Moreover, at the top of the table, you can select the day of the week by clicking on the tabs. The timetable view corresponds to each specific day of the week.

The timetable view is the same for learners, parents and teachers (though they will be personalised for each user).

If two teachers are teaching the same class during the same period (team teaching), Edulink One shows this in the timetable.

Timetable screen
Timetable Screen

Additionally, users can select whether they would like to view next week’s timetable. To do this, click the down arrow and choose Next Week.

Week Timetable
Weekly Timetable

Teacher’s View of Timetable

Although teachers have the same view of the timetable as learners and parents, there is one main distinction between the accounts— teachers can switch teachers to see another teacher’s timetable.

This can be very useful in the event of cover or needing to locate a member of teaching staff.

To view another teacher’s timetable, go to the top corner of the timetable screen and click on the down arrow to reveal a search bar labelled Teacher. Type in the name of the teacher you need and press Enter. If you have already viewed this teacher before, simply click on their name as it should appear in the search bar.

The view will switch to the other teacher’s timetable screen.

Switch Teacher
Switch Teacher

Once you switch to another teacher’s timetable, you can shut it by clicking on the X at the bottom of the timetable.

To return to the main menu, click the back arrow on the Timetable icon (this is the same if you are in another teacher’s timetable).

Back Button
Back Button

How Do I View Timetables? Video

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 20 December 2023

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