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Setting Up the Calendar Tab

To set up the calendar tab, log in to Edulink One and click on the Administration settings in the cog at the top left of your screen. Locate and click on the Calendar tab to configure your settings.

Calendar Tab
Calendar Tab

Enable Calendar Screen

The first aspect to enable is Enable Calendar Screen for. Here, you need to select the user groups that you would like to have access to the calendar screen (icon) in Edulink One’s user interface. The user groups that you can select from are All Employees, Teaching Staff, Learners and Parents. Moreover, the information for each of these groups changes based on MIS data, which means that when SIMS information updates for these user groups, this data will be available in Edulink One.

Additionally, you have the option to use fixed user groups within Edulink One to limit the scope of the users that have access to Calendar, such as SLT.

Calendar Tab: Enable Calendar Screen For
Enable Calendar Screen

Selecting Calendar Categories

After enabling the Calendar screen for your user groups, you must select the types of SIMS Categories (calendar events) for learners and parents and employees. Using the arrows to open the dropdown menu, tick all of the boxes next to the categories you would like to include in the relevant calendars for the different user groups.

The categories correspond with dates in SIMS, for instance, Bank Holidays, Exams and Assessments, Staff Training Day, etc…

Calendar Tab: SIMS Categories
Calendar Tab: SIMS Categories 2

Disable Adding Events to Calendar

Moreover, you can choose to Disable adding events for specific user groups, e.g. parents. This prevents them from manually adding their own events to the Calendar.

Disable Adding Events to calendar
Disable Adding Events to Calendar

Hide Source Cog

Finally, you can opt to Hide source cog which hides the event source cog (SIMS, Edulink One, Other) in the user interface.

Hide Source Cog

The calendar event source cog is located in the Calendar icon in Edulink One’s user interface. Click on the Calendar icon to view the cog, you might need to use the More icon to access the Calendar.

Calendar Icon
Calendar Icon

The source cog is in the left corner of the Calendar window. Here you can select where you source events for your calendar from.

Source Cog
Source Cog: Hide Source Cog
Choose Event Sources
Event Sources in the Source Cog

To save your settings, scroll to the bottom of the Calendar tab and click Save.


If your school has enabled Homework, then homework will appear in the calendar.

You can import/export iCalendar feeds to/from Edulink One. To sync your calendars, for example, Outlook or Google, to Edulink One, you must log in to the Edulink One user interface and click on Manage iCal in the cog at the top left of your screen.

Manage iCal Manage iCal

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 15 December 2022

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