Setting Up New Applicants (next year’s intake)

This article assumes you have Communicator set up. If you have not configured your school’s Communicator, you must do so before this step.

You can set up Edulink One accounts for your applicants for next year’s intake.

Before importing ATF, you will find that sometimes the priority of the parents is set to 0. It is important you check that the priority is not set to 0 and correct it if it is.

After you have imported your ATF into the relevant application intake group and the status of the relevant applicants is “Accepted”, Edulink One will create parental login credentials for parents with Parental responsibility and NO court order, ready for you to send out.

To create accounts for new applicants’ parents, your school will need to have set up manual login accounts for parents. Manual logins use the email address(es) housed in your MIS rather than your school’s Active Directory. However, if you already have manual parent accounts, the new applicants’ parents will be picked up automatically when they have been accepted in your MIS. To set up parent accounts using manual logins, see the following article.

Manual Parent Accounts

Manual accounts allow your parents to reset their own passwords.

Sending Out Login Details

Go to the Login tab in your administration area and click Load user accounts.

Load User Accounts button

Then, type in ‘applicant’ in the Children field. A list of applicants’ parents will appear.

Moreover, you can also type ‘Never’ in the Last Login field to generate a list of applicants that have never logged in. This could be useful when you have applicants that have logged in and those that have not done so. This way you could resend login details to those that have not logged in before.

To send out login details, email all of the users using the envelope icon at the bottom of the load user accounts table. This will send log in details to all applicants (or those that have never logged in before if you are resending login details.)

If you do not have Communicator set up, you can export the filtered list to enable you to mail merge them.

Use the export button at the bottom of the load user accounts table


Furthermore, you have the option to search for parents that do not have email addresses, using the variable !@ in the Email column and typing parents in the User Type column. You can also only search for parents with email addresses by using the variable @ in the Email column.

You can scroll to the bottom of the table and click the Column Visibility button to bring up additional columns that you might need. In this instance, you would likely need the Address column or the Telephone column, if an email was not submitted by an applicant parent.

Some schools export their no email list, call the parents and then add their details into their MIS. After a full cache, the parents will be added.

If a learner withdraws their application and their status in the MIS has been changed from ‘Accepted’ to ‘Withdrawn’, then after a cache has been completed the parents will no longer have access to your school’s Edulink One.

Updated on 10 March 2022

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