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Setting Up Cashless Catering for Live Register

To set up Edulink One to work with your Live Register Catering supplier, administrators need to click on the Edulink SIMS Agent at the bottom of your screen.

Edulink SIMS Agent
Edulink SIMS Agent

Once you click on the Agent, a new window opens with different options. Select Catering Connection.

Catering Connection

Next, click Change Settings to configure your Cashless Catering.

You will need to contact Live Register Catering to help with some of the details needed to work with Edulink One.

Change Settings

Select your supplier from the dropdown list provided.

If your current provider is not on our list, contact Edulink One support to see if there is a possibility of integrating with your supplier.

Find supplier in dropdown

Select Live Register Catering if this is the catering supplier you are using.

You will need to get the following details from Live Register: Server, Database, Username, Password and the Key Fields your school uses.

You will also need to ask Live Register to install the database views that Edulink One needs to communicate with on the Live Register server.

Input supplier settings and click Apply

Once the information has been input into the settings, you will be able to update the Edulink Agent with these details. To do so, click Apply and logout of the server.

Proceed to the General tab to enable your catering on the Edulink One user interface.

Updated on 15 September 2021

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