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Setting Up Cashless Catering for AMI Education Infinity +

To set up cashless catering for you AMI Education Infinity +, click on the Edulink SIMS Agent at the bottom of your screen.

Edulink SIMS Agent

Then, select catering connection to access the catering configuration settings.

Select change settings to view a list of suppliers that Edulink One integrates with.

Next, select your catering supplier from the list, in this case AMI Education Infinity +.

If your supplier does not appear on our cashless catering list, contact Edulink One support to see if it is possible to integrate with your supplier.

Then, input the Host (the AMI Education Server IP address), as well as the Username and Password that accesses the AMI Software. Click Apply and logout of the server.

If you do not have details such as the Host, etc., contact AMI Education to find out the details you need to configure the settings.

Finally, go to the General tab in the Administration settings to enable the cashless catering in the UI.

Updated on 15 September 2021

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