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Reporting a Learner Absence (Parents)

Part of the attendance function within Edulink One is the capability for parents to report a learner absence. Parents can report absences through Edulink One’s Absence Reporting icon on the main menu of the homepage. This feature must be configured in the Attendance tab before use.

To report an absence, parents must log in to the Edulink One app or website. To do this, they must have downloaded the app and they must have their credentials. To provide parents with login credentials, read the following article on setting up login accounts.

Parents must click on the Absence Reporting icon to continue to the Absence Reporting window.

Reporting a Learner Absence: Absence Reporting icon.
Absence Reporting Icon

Parents must select the date ‘from’ the beginning of the absence to the expected return date ‘to’ school. The calendar allows parents to select dates and times.

It is important to note that absence reporting cannot be done retroactively. Parents must report an absence for the present date.

Schools can allow parents to report absences in advance if they wish. You can configure this in the Attendance Tab.

Absence Reporting Window
Absence Reporting Overview

Reason for Absence: The absence reporting function requires parents to input a reason for the learner’s absence. Parents can be as detailed as they wish in explaining the reason for their child’s absence.

Example Absence Report
Example Absence Report

After the dates, times and reasons have been filled in, parents can either attach a document, such as a medical certificate, to provide further detail of the absence.

Attach Document
Attach Document

Lastly, parents need to click Send to report their child’s absence, or they can press the Cancel button to delete the absence.

Absence Reporting: Send and cancel buttons
Send and Cancel Buttons

To return to the main menu, parents need to press the back arrow on the Absence Reporting icon.

Back Arrow to Return to the Main Menu.
Back Arrow

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 1 September 2022

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