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Parent View of Behaviour

Parents can view behaviour in Edulink One by logging in and clicking the behaviour icon on the main homepage.

Behaviour icon
Homepage and Behaviour Icon

Then, the parent’s behaviour screen opens with different tabs outlining the behaviour of their child.

Behaviour Records: Parents can view the type of behaviour and the date of the incident. Additionally, they can also view the teacher and comments if enabled, the action taken and information regarding that action, the location and status of the action taken, as well as any behaviour points accumulated for the incident.

Administrators can hide or allow comments in the Behaviour tab. It is advisable that this field is hidden due to potential breaches of GDPR.

Parent view of behaviour
Behaviour Screen

Lesson Behaviour: Parents can view lesson behaviour charts (which populates with attendance data unless your school enables Behaviour for Learning in the Behaviour tab). If Behaviour for Learning has been enabled, parents can see a breakdown of lesson behaviour grades throughout the day.

Lesson behaviour breakdown
Lesson Behaviour tab

Detentions: Parents can view detentions including the date, type, location, start and end time and whether or not their child has attended.

Detentions set
Detentions tab

Report Cards: Parents can view their child’s report cards by selecting the Report Cards tab. Moreover, the start and end dates of the report card, behaviour type and comments are viewable if your school has allowed these fields in the Behaviour tab.

Report cards view
Report Cards

To view report card details, if enabled, you must click on the magnifying glass icon.

The report card details screen will open where you can view whether a learner has achieved their targets or any comments the teachers have made that day.

Administrators can customise the parent view of behaviour by configuring the fields in the Behaviour tab.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 1 September 2022

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