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Using Marksheets in Edulink One

Marksheets in Edulink One use a live call to SIMS and are not cached. When a teacher makes changes to their marksheets, updates are written live.

To access marksheets, teachers need to log in to Edulink One and click on the Marksheets icon.

To set up marksheets for your school, configure your Marksheets tab.

Marksheets Icon

Then, the marksheets window opens with a detailed list of the teacher’s marksheets.

The right-hand side of the window displays the teacher. There is also an option to Change Teacher to help fill in another employee’s marksheets.

Unlike other teachers, marksheet administrators have an Edit Comment Bank button. In this function, they can create, edit and delete comment banks on marksheets.

There is also a function that allows you to change the view of your marksheets to single students or multiple students.

Marksheets Window
Marksheets Window

Comment banks are held in Edulink One and are not taken from SIMS or written back to SIMS.

Change Teacher

To change from one teacher to another, click the Change Teacher button.

Change Teacher: Marksheets in Edulink One

Teachers can use the search bar to search for another teacher, or they can use the list adjacent to scroll and search for a member of the teaching staff.

Clicking on a teacher brings up their marksheets window, exactly as above, unique to their classes.

Edit Comment Bank (Admin Only)

The Edit Comment Bank button can only be accessed by marksheet administrators set up in the Marksheets tab.

Marksheets: Edit Comment Bank
Edit Comment Bank


Click the button to create, edit and delete marksheets.

Edit Comment Bank Window: Marksheets
Edit Comment Bank Window

To begin, comment banks for marksheets must be set up for each Year Group individually. Select the Year Group you would like to include a comment bank for in their marksheet.

Next, select the Subject for which you would like to include a comment bank— comment banks must be added to each subject individually.

Year Group and Subject for Comment Bank on Marksheets
Year Group and Subject: Comment Bank

After selecting the Year and Subject, select the Area that the comment bank pertains to.

Area Comment: Marksheets

If you need to create an Area for a comment bank, click the Manage Areas button.

Manage Areas
Manage Areas Button

To add a new area, click the + button. To edit existing areas, click the pen icon (you will only be able to edit the name). To delete an area, click the bin icon.

Manage Areas Window
Manage Areas Window

Edit Area: Marksheets

Add a new area to your comment bank, giving the area a name. Press Save when complete and you will return to the Comment Bank Window.

Then, after you select the area, you can add a new comment, and click the Add New Comment button.

Add New Comment
Add New Comment

As an administrator, you can type a brief comment or add learner variables to the new comment. To add a variable, click Add variables.

Add New Comment
Add New Comment

After, select one or more of the learner variables to include in the comment if you choose.

Learner variables

Once you add your variables, click the Save button. A green success message states ‘Added’ if you successfully added your comment.

Comment Bank in Marksheets

Comment banks can be written by individual subject teachers. To do this, teachers must locate the correct marksheet in the marksheets window and click on it to enter.

You can search for the appropriate marksheet using the search bar, or scroll to locate the marksheet and click on it.

Select Marksheet

Next, you must scroll through the marksheet to locate the comment bank. To find the comment bank, navigate horizontally and to select a student, navigate vertically.

Teachers can type comments in the text box in the Comment Bank column.

Comment Bank in Marksheet
Comment Bank in Marksheet

Also, there is a Comment Bank button that will fill in a comment created by the administrator when you select the year, subject and area.

Simply select the comment that applies to the learner and click the confirm button. The comment bank in the main marksheet will populate with the comment. Variables included in the comment bank created by the administrator show up as the learner’s name, teacher’s name, Year Group etc…

Comment Bank Button

Lastly, save your comments by selecting the Save button at the bottom of the marksheet.

Save button in Marksheets
Marksheets Save button

Your school’s marksheets are pulled from SIMS and, therefore, will be identical to the ones created there.

The learners are located at the far left of the marksheet. To view your learners, you need to navigate vertically using the arrow. However, to view pupil information such as SEN Status, PP, FSM and attainment/effort grades, you must navigate horizontally using the arrow.

Moreover, individual teachers can input grades or select flood fill. Comment banks are available to individual teachers to complete, as above.

Marksheets in Edulink One

Data will be unique to your school as Edulink One uses your SIMS Marksheets.

Saving and Exporting Marksheets

You can save or export your marksheets by scrolling to the bottom of the marksheet and selecting either the Save button, which will save your marksheet, or you can export the marksheet to a .csv file using the Export button.

Moreover, once your marksheet is complete, you can tick the Marksheet Completed box and save it.

Save and Export Marksheets

If you choose to export, your marksheet will convert into a .csv file, where you can modify and print your marksheet as required.

.csv Marksheet
.CSV Marksheet

Save any changes before exiting the Marksheets icon.

Marksheets Video

MIS Compatibility

mis compatibility
Updated on 7 February 2024

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