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Managing the Noticeboard Function

The Noticeboard function is managed in the user interface in Edulink One. The Noticeboard tab must be configured first before the Noticeboard Manager can create and manage documents and snippets.

Log in to Edulink One and locate the Noticeboard icon to begin.

Noticeboard Icon
Noticeboard Icon

Click on Noticeboard to open the noticeboard window.

The noticeboard home is the first tab at the top of the noticeboard window. This is where all of the notices and snippets are located. Also, the noticeboard home is what the majority of users will see, including employees, parents and learners.

Documents and information included in the noticeboard will vary depending on the intended recipient. For example, Year 9 Options Evening Presentation would not be relevant to Years 7, 10 and 11, therefore you can select the appropriate group(s) for your notice.

Noticeboard Home

To open a notice, double click on the file to download it.

At the top of the noticeboard, there are rolling snippets of notices which are managed in the Manage Snippets tab.

Manage Snippets

To manage snippets, select the Manage Snippets tab at the top of the noticeboard window.

Manage snippets

The snippets window contains a list of the snippets created. The features contained in the window include the Title and Content of the snippet, the Visible From and Visible Until dates and the Visible For, which informs the manager of the intended audience for the notice.

Snippets Window

You can edit snippets in this window by selecting the pen icon, or you can delete snippets by selecting the bin icon. Type the new information into the current snippet, or select new dates and times from the calendars and click Save Snippet when complete.

Edit snippet
Edit Snippet

To create a new snippet, click the Snippet + button at the top of the window.

In the New Snippet window, give your snippet a Title, e.g. School Panto, and provide details of the notice in the Content text box. Then, select a From date and time to display your snippet, you do not have to select an end date and time, but to do so you need to use the To calendar.

Create a new snippet
New Snippet

Once complete, click the New Snippet button to save your snippet. This will appear in the snippet table which can be viewed in the snippet window.

New Snippet Button

Manage Documents

To manage documents in your noticeboard, select the Manage Documents tab at the top of the noticeboard.

Manage Documents tab in Noticeboard
Manage Documents Tab

Once you have entered the Manage Documents area, a window appears where you can manage your documents, including move (move button), which pertains to folders, edit (pen icon) and delete (bin icon) them.

In the table, the Name of the document appears, as well as the Content (uploaded), the Visible From date and time and the Visible Until date and time if it is set. Also, under the Visible For column, it indicates whom the notice involves, whether it be employees, parents, or learners.

Manage Documents in Noticeboard
Manage Documents

The folders column allows you to create folders for your notices. Select the Move button to create a new folder.

Creating folders for departmental notices and whole school notices might be useful to organise your documents.

To add a new document to the noticeboard, click on the Documents + button.

New document: Noticeboard
New Document

Name: Give your document a title, e.g. Peru Trip 2023.

Name of Document

Document: Upload a document attachment to the New Document window. A variety of document types, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PNG and MP4 documents can be uploaded using this method.

Attach Document
Attach Document

From: Select a ‘from’ date and time your document will be visible.

From Date

To: Using the calendar, select a date and time your document will be visible until.

To date

For: The intended recipient(s) of the documents. Select the recipients from the dropdown menu.

For: Recipient of the Document

Display position: Select a position where you would like your document notice displayed in the Noticeboard home. The lowest number selected is shown at the top, whereas the higher numbers selected are shown lower down.

Display Position

Once complete, press the Save button at the bottom of the window to save your document. The document will now be visible in the Manage Documents table and the Noticeboard.

Save Button
Save Button

To edit a document, select the pen icon and proceed in the same way as adding a new document.

To delete a document, select the bin icon. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Edit or Delete a Document
Confirm deletion of document
Confirm Deletion of Document

Creating a Folder in Manage Documents

In addition, you can also create folders, as well as move documents into them, in the Manage Documents window. Click on the Move button in the Manage Documents table under the Folders column.

Move button under Folders

You can manage folders by clicking on them.

Create a Folder

To add a new folder, click the cog in the top right corner of the Manage Folders window.

Create New Folder.
New Folder

Click on the New button. You can also delete and rename folders using their respective buttons.

Create folder
Create Folder

Create a name for your folder and click Add.

Add Button

Press Select in the Manage Folders window to add a folder to the Manage Documents table.

Organising Your Folders

You can organise folders in the Noticeboard by ticking the Organise box at the bottom of the window.

Once ticked, a ‘move folder into’ icon will appear beside the folder. This indicates to you that you would like to move a folder into another folder. Click on the icon of the file you would like to move.

'move folder into' icon
Phone view
App View

The folder will turn opaque and you will need to select the folder you would like to move the file into.

Once inside the folder, you would like to move your document or file to, click ‘Select’.

Select Button

The file will now appear inside the other folder.

Repeat the process until you have the folders in your desired locations.

Renaming Folders

To rename folders you must select Manage Documents and Click ‘Move’ on a document linked to the folder.

Select Move in Manage Documents

Once in the Move window, select the cog and you will have the option to rename your folder.

Rename field

Rename the folder and click ‘Add’.

Rename and Add

If you need to rename a subfolder within a folder, simply click into the subfolder and follow the same process as above to rename it.

Deleting a Folder

You can also delete a folder. Follow the same process as above, selecting Move in Manage Documents and selecting ‘Delete’ when you press on the cog.

Delete folder

Confirm that you would like to delete the folder and then the folder will be deleted.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 7 February 2024

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