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Managing Child Protection Referrals

Managing child protection referrals within Edulink One helps you to keep track of child protection incidents, allowing you to decide on the best course of action.

Not all staff members have the Manage tab within their Child Protection window. It will only be authorised members of staff, usually the Child Protection Team, that can manage child protection referrals.

Managers must be added in the Child Protection tab first.

All employees can make child protection referrals within the Child Protection icon.

Log in to Edulink One and locate the Child Protection icon. For many employees, this may be located in the More icon.

Click on the icon to open the Child Protection window.

Child Protection Icon
Child Protection Icon

To manage any referrals made, you need to enter the Manage tab. Within the table columns, you will see the Date/Time a referral has been made, the Student it refers to, the Referring Staff member, who the incident was Referred To, and the Status of the referral.

To view a child protection referral, click on the referral in the table.

Child Protection Referral Details

In the Referral Details window, you can see the details of the child protection incident. It is here the Child Protection Team can decide the course of action.

A member of the team must acknowledge the receipt of the referral by ticking the Acknowledge box. This will let the referring employee know that the referral is being dealt with.

Acknowledge child protection

Details of Action: The Child Protection Team need to outline the details of the action that needs to be taken, e.g. ‘Discussed the incident with the learner and refer to CSD’.

Details of Action

Reason of Action: Provide a reason for the course of action, e.g. ‘ Child being made homeless and suffering from emotional trauma’.

Reason Of Action

Status: Within Status, you select the level of progress you are making with the referral.

Status of Referral
Referral Status

Lastly, click Save when you have finished managing the referral.

Manage Statuses Button

The Manage Statuses button allows you to add a status to the list or to remove a status.

Manage Statuses
Manage Statuses

To add a status, type in the status you would like to include and click the Add Status button.

To remove a status, click on the X. A confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm this action.

Add a Child Protection Status
Manage Statuses

Export Your Child Protection Referrals

To export your child protection referrals, you can click on the Export button next to Manage Statuses. In order to activate the export button, you need to tick the white box at the top of the table to select all the referrals or you need to tick the referrals you would like to export individually.

Export Settings

Click Export and a downloadable .csv file is generated at the bottom of your screen. To open the download, click on it.

Downloaf Child Protection Statuses

An Excel document generates with all of the referrals and statuses. You can save and print this from the Excel programme.

.csv Child Protection Statuses

To return to the main page, click the back arrow on the icon.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 2 September 2022

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