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List of Edulink One Variables

The following is a list of variables you can use for the different communication functions of Edulink One.

Variables for New Message in Communicator

To parent:







{{learner.form_group.employee.forename}} Form teacher forename

{{learner.form_group.employee.surname}} Form teacher surname

{{learner.form_group.employee.title}} Form teacher title




{{learner.form_group.teacher}} Form teacher full name













Please note:

If a learner has pronouns set in your MIS the pronouns will be used automatically in place of gendered pronouns (he, she) in the variable. Staff do not need to change the variables; Edulink One will pull the correct pronouns from the MIS.

Inputting {{learner.his_her}} in a message will automatically change to their/ zir/ hirs/ eir/ vis/ tem etc., depending on what the learner’s pronouns are set as.

Otherwise, if no pronoun is set in the learner’s MIS profile, Edulink One will base pronouns on gender.

To learner/staff or any combination where it’s not just one type of recipient:






Please note that for employees the forename will always display the employee’s initial.

Examples of Communicator Variables

Communicator variable example
Communicator variables Example
Communicator variables in the UI: Recipient
Communicator variables in the UI: Recipient

Variables for Document Messaging:



















Example of Document Messaging Variables

Document messaging variables example
Document Messaging Variables example  for recipient
Document Messaging Variables for the Recipient

Variables for Behaviour Notification: 











Example of Behaviour Variables

Behaviour Notification Variable: Recipient
Behaviour Notification Variables Recipient

Variables for Behaviour Incidents

Incident type: {{incident.type}}

Incident employee: {{incident.employee}}

Incident location: {{incident.location}}

Incident action: {{incident.action}}

Incident activity: {{incident.activity}}

Incident status {{incident.status}}

Incident points: {{incident.points}}

Incident recorded: {{incident.recorded}}

Incident date: {{incident.date}}

Incident Comments: {{incident.comments}}

Example of Behaviour Incident Variables

Incident variable fields
Fields the incident variables relate to

Variables for Detention Notification:









Example of Detention Variables

Detention notification variable example
Detention Notification Example Recipient

Variables for Achievement Notification:








Example of Achievement Variables

Achievement variable example in the UI

Variables for Homework Notification: 








Example of Homework Variables

Example of Homework Reminder Notification using Variables

Absence Reporting Variables


<p>From {{absence.start}} until {{absence.end}}</p>


<p><b><u>Parent Contact Details:</u></b></p>

<p>Parent name: {{parent.title}}  {{parent.forename}} {{parent.surname}}<p>

<p>Phone: {{parent.phone}}</p>

<p>Parent email: {{parent.email}}</p>

Parent address: {{parent.address}}

<p><b><u>Learner Details for {{learner.forename}} {{learner.surname}}:</u></b></p>

<p>Form Group: {{learner.form_group.name}}</p>

<p>Year Group: {{learner.year_group.name}}</p>

<p>UPN: {{learner.unique_pupil_number}}</p>

<p>ULN: {{learner.unique_learner_number}}</p>

<p>Admission Number: {{learner.admission_number}}</p>

Information sent regardless of variables:

  • Message sent using Edulink One
  • From: parent name
  • Regarding: student name, form
Updated on 8 December 2023

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