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How Does the New Edulink One Cache Work?

If you would like to run a cache refresh, log in to Edulink One and click on the Administration settings in the cog at the top of the screen. Then, scroll to the bottom of the Welcome screen (Setup) and select one of the following buttons:  Sync All (SIMS and Arbor), Sync Documents Only, Sync Students + Applicants, Sync Contacts + Student Relationships, Sync Employees and Sync LDAP(SIMS only). Selecting one of the cache buttons will automatically begin a sync.

Cache buttons

You will be notified if a cache is running, e.g. a documents cache by a message stating that a ‘cache sync in progress’. It will also tell you when it started and what type of cache it is.

However, if a cache is currently running and you need quick access to a specific sync, e.g. documents, you can click the sync you need to override a sync in progress. A message will appear asking if you would like to continue and interrupt the current sync; if you press ‘Yes’ this will force a cache and you will have your information much faster, usually in 15 minutes.

Click 'Yes' to force a cache (sync)

A ‘Documents Only‘ cache allows you to pull through newly added reports and documents from your MIS.

Documents only sync button

For a ‘Students + Applicants‘, ‘Contacts + Relationships‘ and ‘Employees‘ cache, this will pull through data relating to the different groups, whether it be adding new students or employees or updates to information required for data collection.

Sync students + applicants, sync contacts +student relationships, sync employees

Lastly, the ‘LDAP‘ cache will allow administrators to pull through information to Edulink One from their LDAP faster, for example, if you’ve added an email for a new member of staff that you need to pull through.

Sync ldap

Cache Status

You can also view your cache status on the Welcome page. It will show when your last full cache has taken place and how long it has taken to run.

Cache status times

The status will show up as green if the last cache was ‘OK’; however, if there is an error, it will turn red and will prompt you as to what the error could be.

Last sync OK
Status: Last Sync OK
Failed sync
Failed Sync status

Agent Status

If your Edulink One agent is OK, no status update will show and you can continue as normal. However, if there is an issue with the agent, two possible agent status prompts will appear: yellow indicates a warning and red for a critical agent state.

Warning: Agent State
Critical agent state

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility

*Arbor only runs a full cache.

Updated on 28 July 2023

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