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How Does Edulink Deal with an Employee who is a Parent?

Unless using Moodle for all logins, Edulink One will always create a parent login for an employee.  This will be based on the one SIMS employee record that has the children associated with them.

An employee parent will see their child(ren)’s photo(s) in the top right-hand corner. However, if they wish to participate in a video parents evening as a parent then they must use their parent login; otherwise, the video won’t work. This also applies to any messages they wish to see as a parent in Communicator.

Staff should also ensure they are logged into their employee account if they are conducting parents’ evening as a teacher— video conferencing will not work if they are in their parent account.

Why Can’t I See My Child(ren)’s Photo(s)?

If an employee account in SIMS is associated with a child(ren) then their photo will appear on the top right-hand side of the screen.

However, if the employee has a contact account which is associated with their child(ren) and not the employee account then the photo will not appear.

How Can I Ensure I Don’t Receive Emails Regarding My Child to My Work Address?

Unfortunately, if your child is associated with your employee record in SIMS, Edulink will pull in the primary email address for both. Therefore you would need two separate contacts in SIMS.  Your employee account should have your work email without the student associated and then the parent contact your personal email address.

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Updated on 19 August 2022

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