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How Do Parents Fill in a Form?

Parents can fill in a form for their child by logging in to their Edulink One and clicking on the Forms icon. Additionally, new forms that appear are indicated by a red circle and a white number, demonstrating the number of forms that need completion.

Forms Icon
Forms Icon

A window opens to a table that lists the forms a parent must complete for their child.

Forms only remain in the Forms table until the due date. Afterwards, the forms will disappear because they are no longer valid. If the parent still must complete the form, then the form creator, administration or manager must send the form again.

Parents need to click on the form to access the content. The child the form pertains to is written in the table, as well as the due date of the form and whether or not the form has been completed. The grey X in the example below indicates that the form is incomplete.

Forms table
Forms Table

Parents must fill in the required form fields and then click Submit once the form is complete. If a parent must cancel the form, there is a Cancel button located next to the Submit button.

Form Example

Viewing Parent Form Submissions

Managers or employees that created the form can view parent form submissions on the Active tab of forms. To view a form, they must click the orange View button to view the form. The table also indicates the number of forms that have been submitted.

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View Submissions

The form creator or manager has the option to delete the form, close the form to return to the main forms page or export the form.

Then, if managers or form creators want to export the parent forms, they should press the Export button, which will convert the file to. CSV or they can choose to delete the form. If you delete a form, it enables that parents to redo the form if there is an error.

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View of Form Submitted by Learner

The responses to the form appear in the table at the top and no responses are below. The .csv file is customisable and you can print or save the form as well.

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Exported Form

Parents can return to their main Edulink One menu by pressing the back arrow on the Forms icon.

Back button

To view more about viewing and managing forms, please read the following article.

How Do I View and Fill in a Form? Video

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 9 February 2024

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