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How Do Learners Update Their Information?

Learners can update certain aspects of their information in Edulink One.

Learners the Update Information icon ( this might be located in the ‘More’ section, depending on the number of features your school uses. If you cannot find a ‘More’ section, then your school may have everything on the main page). Then, they click on the Update Information icon to change their current information.

Your administrator must have configured the Data Collection tab for this to work.

More icon
More Icon
Update Information icon
Update Information Icon

The information changes the learner provides must be authorised by the Data Manager for Parents/Students, just like their parents.

Students can change basic information about themselves, like their preferred forename and preferred surname. Legal information, such as legal forenames, surnames and dates of birth cannot be changed.

Basic Information
Basic Information

In the above example, Samantha’s mother states that Samantha prefers to be called by her full legal forename. However, Samantha prefers to be called Sam. She can change her preferred name here.

Additionally, learners can add an email address for themselves by selecting the + Emails button under Contact Details.

Contact Details: +Email

The learner should type in their email address and press the Add button.

Add New Contact (email)
+ Email Button

As a result, the learner’s email will appear under their parent’s email address. They can select the location of their email address as Other.

Email Address as Other

Finally, when the changes have been made, the learner must press the Save button. The data is sent to the Data Manager for approval. A green box appears with the word ‘Success’ if the learner successfully adds or updates their information.

Additionally, GDPR information also appears explaining the school’s duty to protect the learner’s data and the includes instances it will be shared.

Save button with GDPR information
Save Button

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 12 September 2022

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