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How do I View and Modify My Forms?

You can view and modify your own forms in Edulink One. Managers cannot modify forms at present; however, they can view forms of other employees.

To add managers to forms, configure the Forms tab.

Firstly, log in to Edulink One, locate the Forms icon and click on it to access your forms.

Forms Icon in Edulink One
Forms Icon

The forms window will open to the Active tab which displays all active forms from all employees. The other tabs in the table are the Archived tab and the Personal tab. Managers can archive all employee forms and employees can archive their own forms.

Forms Table
Forms Table View

Modify Forms

To view and a form, you must click either the view or modify (view only for managers).

Note that at present managers can only modify another member of staff’s form if they clone it. To select another employee’s forms to view, simply change Teacher at the top right of your screen.

Clicking the Modify button allows you access to all aspects of a form, including subheading, paragraph, choice, email, text, respondents and so forth. To make any modifications to your forms, simply make the changes in the fields and click update.

For managers, you would need to clone the forms designed by another member of staff to make the modifications.

View. Modify, Clone

You can change the dates and times by clicking on the calendars above the form fields as well as the title.

Modify Forms Window
Forms Window

You can also review and change choices and options. For managers, modifications can be made to these fields if you clone the form.

Modification to Choice Field
Choice Field

Likewise, can view and change email and text fields in your own forms and make them multiline or required.

Modifications to Email and Text Fields
Email and Text Fields including Placeholder

Viewing Respondents

To view respondents, you should click the Respondents button.

Respondents Button
Respondents Button

The Respondents window will open and you can view and modify the fields of the original recipient type. For managers, to modify a form respondent you would need to clone a form and then modify the respondent there.

All respondent fields are visible including Year, Form, Class, Gender, SIMS Groups, House, Groups and Current or Applicant learners and you can modify these as you wish as the original form creator. However, if a manager would like to send a form to an individual learner or modify a form in any way they must clone it and then they can type the learner’s name in the Learner Name field.


Respondents Window
Respondents Window

Once you have finished viewing the form, you should click the Done button and you will return to the main Respondents window.

Done Button
Done Button

Next, if you are a manager click the X to exit the form.

Exit form for managers

Otherwise, form creators have the ability to save updates by clicking the Update button.

Update button

Viewing Submitted Forms

To view submitted forms, managers (or form creators) must log in to Edulink One and click on the Forms icon.

Forms Icon
Forms Icon

The forms appear in the table. To indicate that there is a submitted form, an orange box with View is located under the submitted column in the table.

Managers or form creators must click on the View button to see the submission.

View form submission
View Form

Managers or employees can choose to delete the form, close the form to keep it visible or export the form. The form will be exported as a . CSV file.

View Submitted forms

All completed forms appear at the top of the table and forms without responses appear below them. As the form is exported as a . CSV file, it is easily customisable and can be printed and saved if required.

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To return to the main menu, press the back arrow on the Forms icon.


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Viewing, Modifying, Cloning and Completing Forms Video

Updated on 11 August 2022

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