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Does Edulink One Have an Address Validation Service?

The Edulink SIMS Agent does not have any proxy settings for the address validation service because it makes use of the settings in SIMS.net.

To validate your address, you need to go to SIMS.net and then click “Tools->Setups->SIMS Services”.

Address Validation: SIMS Services

Testing Internet Connectivity

Check that your Internet connectivity is working first using the following steps:

Tick the “I access the internet through a proxy server” box and enter proxy settings by ticking Use the Following Proxy Server in the Default Proxy Settings and enter your proxy address in the Address box. Click Test to test your Internet connectivity.

Internet Connectivity test
Default Proxy settings

Address Validation Testing in SIMS

You can also check the address validation by testing it in the same settings.

Address Validation Service Test

Click the Test button to test your address validation.


If your service is OK, a message will appear.

Service is OK message

If you are still experiencing problems, contact Edulink One Support.

Checking MIS Connectivity

You can also check your MIS Connection by locating the Edulink SIMS Agent cog at the bottom of your screen.

Edulink SIMS Agent

Click on MIS Connection to check the status.

MIS Connection in Agent

The State should read OK. If it doesn’t, you can try fixing the connection by completing the steps above in SIMS.net. Check your internet connectivity in SIMS Services by testing the proxy and address validation.

State OK

If you are still experiencing issues, contact Edulink One’s support team. You may need to contact Capita to resolve any SIMS connectivity problems.

Updated on 15 September 2021

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