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How Do I See My Learners’ Full Names in Seating Plans?

To view your learners’ full names in seating plans, you need to go to Registers and click to enter.

Registers Icon

Next, select the class you plan to prepare a seating plan for.

Class in Registers

Once in the class’s register, locate the Seating Plan tab at the top of the window; this is next to Registers. Click on it to open the seating plan tab. Create your seating plan as per the instructions in this article.

Seating Plan Tab

After creating your seating plan, click on the View button at the bottom of the window, adjacent to the visual of your plan.

View Button

In the preview window, you have options including: ‘show additional data’, ‘hide photo’ and ‘download/print’. To view the learners’ full names in seating plans, you must click hide photo.

learner's full names in seating plans: hide photo

Once the photos of your learners have been hidden, you will see all of the full names of each learner on the seating plan.

Some longer names may be skewed due to size restrictions in the user interface.

Once you have finished, you can either download/print the preview of your seating plan, or you could click the X in the right corner to exit the seating plan tab. Remember to click Save to ensure your seating plan is saved.

Save in seating plans

Finally, to exit registers click the back arrow on your registers icon.

Back Arrow

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MIS Compatibility
Updated on 12 January 2024

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