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How Do I Provide GDPR Data Subject Access Requests?

Edulink One has a tab that will help administrators fulfil any GDPR requirements for data subject access requests, which is a request for all information your school holds on a learner, employee or parent.

To provide data to the party requesting it, log in to Edulink One’s administration settings and select the GDPR tab.


There are three categories of users which you can filter for data subject access requests: Learners, Employees and Parents. They must be current users or anyone that falls into the ‘days set after leaving date’ in the Login tab. If you require information that predates the leaving days set, you can set the ‘Days after leaving date’ up to 425 days.

Days after leaving date

Select the subject from the list in the relevant category.

Data Subject Access Requests

Once selected, Edulink One creates a downloadable compressed zip folder with the information regarding the subject.

Note that the files are in JSON format.


It is highly advisable to review the data and redact sensitive information appropriately before giving it to the user.

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Updated on 4 May 2023

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