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How Do I Manage Resource Bookings?

Resource Managers can manage resource bookings within the Resource Booking icon. If your school has not set up Resource Booking, your administrator must configure the Resource Tab.

Note that if changes are made to your timetable mid-year they will impact future bookings. Contact Overnet Data if you need to apply a new timetable.

First, log in to the Edulink One app or website and locate the Resource Booking icon. Depending on your level of access, this might be located under the More icon.

Resource booking icon.
Resource Booking Icon
More Icon
More Icon

At the top of the Resource Booking window, there are three tabs. Edulink One automatically opens to the Bookings tab, but you can view changes to bookings in the Changes tab and a report of all bookings in the Report tab.

Managers can book, delete and move room bookings.

Resource Booking Window
Resource Booking Window

Edulink One automatically pulls through the timetable from your MIS to populate the booking table. Timetabled rooms appear in purple— managers can only move these classes, they cannot delete them. For example, a manager might move a class from a room for exams, such as speaking and listening exams in MFL. Teachers can move their own classes using the ‘move’ button.

Timetabled lessons in a room will always take priority on the booking table.

Rooms available to book appear in blue and booked rooms appear in red.

Booking a Room

To book a room, you can use the Date field in the left pane, a calendar opens and you can select the date, or you can use the arrow keys at the top of the booking table to select a date.

Dates can only be booked in the future if Past Bookings have been disabled.

Name: The name of the person booking the room.

Resource Booking Fields
Resource Booking Fields
Resource Calendar
Date Calendar for Bookings

Category: Use the filter to select the type of room you want to book, whether it is a regular room, an IT suite or something else particular to your school.

Category of room field
Category of Room

Free: Use the filter to select the period you need the room, for example, lesson one.

Free period field
Free Periods


To book a room, find the room you would like to book by scrolling up or down in the right pane of the Resource Booking window.

The rooms are then divided by period; any period that does not have an employee timetabled in the room will appear in blue, labelled Book. However, rooms that have a timetabled lesson appear in purple.

Click on the Book button to book a room.

Book Button

A new window will open prompting you to provide more information about the booking. Include the teacher booking the room and the dates/weeks they would like to book.

Book until (consecutive): If a teacher would like to book a room out for consecutive days for a certain period, you can select the dates and times from the calendar. An error message will appear in red if a room is used for one of the dates. You can amend the booking or move the class depending on the circumstances.

Booking information and button
Book Button
Error message
Red Error Message

If successful, a message will appear in green stating the period was successfully booked.

Repeat (no. weeks): The number of weeks you would like a room booking to repeat for the same period.

Repeat Room Booking
Repeat Room Booking

If you are on a two-week timetable, for instance, Week A/ Week B, Edulink One pulls the data for repeat bookings from one week of the timetable only.

For example, if you book the Main Hall for Monday Registration on Week A and you would like that to repeat for the next three weeks, you will find that Resource Booking will book the Main Hall for the first week and the third week, because those weeks correspond to Week A.

To book the Main Hall for Monday Registration during Week B, you need to find the date of the second week (because it corresponds to the Week B timetable) and book that separately. Select the number of weeks you would like your booking to repeat for consecutive Week B bookings, weeks 2, 4, 6 and so forth, and click book.

Lastly, you will be asked to provide information for your booking in the Information box. This is a required field and must be filled in to proceed.

Information Box

Click Book to complete your booking. If successful, a message will appear in green; however, if there is a problem, a red error box will appear stating the issue.


Moving a Class

Teachers can move their classes in Resource Booking and managers can move everyone’s timetabled classes and lessons to another room if necessary.

To move a lesson, select the purple Move button.

Moving a class
Booking a Room

Next, an Edit Event window will appear.

Select the room you would like to move the timetabled class to from the list of available rooms in the dropdown menu.

Finally, select the Save button to save your changes.

Edit the room booking
Edit Event

Deleting a Booking

Managers can delete bookings by clicking on the red Delete button on a booking.

Delete a booking
Delete Booking

A confirmation of deleted bookings will appear stating ‘Period successfully unbooked’.

Add a Period

Managers can add a booking period outside timetabled hours. Click on the Add Period button to create a new period.

Add a period before or after school.
Add Period

You may want to add a period in the morning for breakfast club, after school for revision sessions, or in the evening for a school event, such as a school musical.

Next, select the day you would like to add a period to. The timetabled periods appear below, along with their times.

Add period field.
Add Period Field

Then, select the time you would like a new period to appear, e.g. 16:00-17:00 for Year 11 revision on a Thursday.

Lastly, select a name for the period to give employees further information on how the room bookings should be used, and press the Add Period button.

Time of new period and name the period.
Time of New Period and Name

The new period will appear on the booking table.

Adding Non-Timetabled Days

Resource booking managers can create bookable slots (periods) for non-timetable days, for example, weekends and holidays. To do this, click the Add Period button to begin.

Add Period button

The Add Period window opens, as previously described. Choose the day you would like to create a non-timetabled day for, selecting NTT and the day, for example, NTT Saturday. This will allow you to create a resource booking timetable for Saturdays (or a day of the week that is traditionally non-timetabled), perhaps because you would like to be able to book community groups on the sports fields, in the music hall or the art studio. Selecting NTT Saturday (or the NTT day of your choosing) and adding the periods required will allow you to book out resources for periods on a non-timetabled day.

Non-timetabled days (NTT)

Name the period you want to create, for example, Morning 1.

Name NTT period

Then select a start and end time for the NTT period.

NTT period start and end time

Click the green Add Period button to add your new period to the non-timetabled day.


A green message appears if you are successful and the NTT timetable for the day is populated.

Saved message
NTT period added

Below is a view of the NTT timetable on Resource Booking, available for employees to book at their convenience.

See the next section to add rooms or resources manually.

Adding A Room/Resource

To add a room or resource to the room/resource list, managers click the Add Room/Resource button in the left pane of Resource Booking.

Add room/resource
Add Room/Resource Button

To add a room or resource to the rooms/resources available to book, create a name for the room or resource you would like to be available for booking, e.g. camera 1, and click the Add Resource button.

Furthermore, if the resource added is a room, tick the Is room? box and click Add Resource.

Add room/resource window
Add Room/ Resource Window

Deleting a Room

Similarly, you can delete any room or resource by clicking the Add Room/Resource button.

Add Room/Resource Button

The ‘Add Resource‘ window opens and you can delete the room or resource here. To remove the resource, scroll until you find the room or resource and click the X in the red square.

Delete a room or resource

A success message appears in green, once the resource has been removed.

Manage Categories

To manage categories and approve resources added, select the Manage Categories button in the left pane of Resource Booking.

Manage categories in room booking
Manage Categories

A window will appear with categories your school can personalise, e.g. rooms, IT suites, auditorium etc…

Type a title in the Name box and click Add Category.

Furthermore, you can manage resources regarding a specific category. Click the Manage Resources button next to a category to manage the resources linked to it.

Manage resources connected with each category
Manage Resources Connected to a Category

Add a category to specific resources in the Manage Resources window, allocating specific resources to specific categories, e.g. Media Room is the category and School Video Camera is the linked resource because the camera resides in the Media Room.

Add category to a resource
Add Category to Resource

To delete a category, click the red X. All resources linked to that category will also be deleted, but not from the main resource list.

Delete a category
Delete a Category

Allocating Room/Resource Owners

You may wish to allocate specific rooms/ resources to an owner, depending on whether the employee is in that room/ looks after that resource all the time.

To allocate an owner to a room or resource, click the cog underneath the room or resource in the booking table.

The cog wheel allows you add a room/resource owner.
Add Room/Resource Owner

Edit Room: To edit a room or resource, provide further information about the room in the Information box. If you want to select a room owner, select from the Teacher dropdown menu, e.g. the librarian would ‘own’ the library.

Edit room and add an owner.
Edit Room

As a result, a blue information circle will appear next to a room with further information.

Information on a room appears in the blue circle.

Configuring Notifications for Room Owners

If a room or resource is ‘owned’ by a particular employee, it is advisable to set up notifications to inform them that their room has been booked.

First, log in to Edulink One and click on the Notifications tab in the Administration Settings. All current notifications appear in a list with the Event Type (details of notification), Message Type (method of notification), Send To (the message recipient) and Actions (edit and delete notifications). To edit a notification rule, select the pen icon. To delete a notification rule, select the bin icon.

Notifications tab in the administration settings.
Notifications Tab
Modify, bin or create a new notification

Next, create a new notification by clicking the + Create new notification rule button.

Create New Notification Rule

Select the Event Type from the list provided; several notification options are available, including room and resource booking.

Event type

Next, choose the resource you would like to enable a notification for.


Select the type of notification from a list that includes Push, SMS, Email and Push | SMS.

The template body of the message states the date, period, from and until details regarding the booking. Furthermore, the template subject provides variables for the resource booked.

These are the variables you can use below:


You can return the message to default by selecting the Default button, you will be asked to confirm this action by clicking Yes or No. The variables used for the template body are the same unless you have customised them further.

Additionally, you can tick the staff you would like to notify of a booking or turn ON ‘To Owner’. This setting informs the owner of the resource or room that it has been booked for a certain date and time.

Select the type of notification.

To save your rule, click the Save Rule button and to cancel the rule, select the Cancel button.

Save rule or cancel.
Save Rule

If a manually booked room needs to be cancelled due to a timetable or cover change, an automatic notification is sent to the employee who made the room booking.

Resource Changes

To view changes in Resource Bookings, select the Changes tab at the top of the booking Window.

Employees can view details regarding room closures and room changes. In the event of a room closure, the managing employee must include the reason for the closure.

The period, teaching group, teacher and room changes (to and from) are visible as well as the method of the room change (Edulink One).

Resource changes table.

If desired, the managing employee can print the room changes by selecting Print at the bottom of the window.

Select the format for viewing the resource changes and then locate print to print your resource booking changes.

PDF of resource changes

Viewing Resource Reports

Select the ‘Reports’ tab at the top of the booking window to view reports on rooms and resources.

The report allows you to set the date you would like to see the resources ‘report from’ and the date you would like to see the resources ‘report to’.

Moreover, the report breaks down the statistics on each room and resource to view the usage. The name of the room/ resource appears on the left of the table, followed by the percentage timetabled, the percentage of time booked and the percentage of total usage for that room or resource.

Resource Reports
Resource Report

Reports of rooms and resources could help schools determine the allocation of resources and budgets for new resources, depending on usage.

Lastly, save the booking information and changes before you exit Resource Booking. Finally, to exit the Resource Booking icon select the back button on top of the icon on the left side of the screen.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 28 February 2024

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