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How Do I Enable Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages that ‘pop-up’ on your devices from an app, even if it is not open. They are designed to draw your users’ attention to important information.

Log into your Edulink One account and select Administration from the settings cog. Once you are in your welcome area, find the Communicator tab and click to open it.

You need to ensure the Enable Communicator Settings are set to ON, even if you don’t intend to use the other Communicator features. You can turn this setting off later, but you must configure your push notifications first.

By default, the SIMS Log Confidentiality Level is set to Confidential; it is recommended that this setting remains in place.

Enable Communicator
Enable Communicator Screen

To enable push notifications for your school from Edulink One, ensure that the Enable Push Notifications setting is ON.

You must include a Push Title such as the name of your school, so employees and parents know who the push notification is from.

Enable Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Please note that parents, employees or learners must have downloaded the Edulink One app to their mobile devices and have logged in for this to work. Edulink One installs a token on the device so that we can recognise it and send the correct notifications to it. If a parent, learner or employee does not have the app installed or they haven’t logged in to the app, they will not receive push notifications.

If parents, students or employees allow others to log in to their Edulink One account using their mobile phone, a token for that user is logged, meaning you could get push notifications intended for that user after they have logged off. It is best not to share your device with others to prevent this. However, if this has occurred contact your school’s IT support and they can get in contact with Overnet Data to remove the token.

If you are finished configuring your Communicator settings for the moment, you can save these settings by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Save.

Save Button
Save Button
Updated on 4 September 2023

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