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How Do I Create Behaviour Notifications?

To create new behaviour notifications, log in to Edulink One and go to the Notifications tab. This is in the administration settings. Click on the Notifications tab to begin.

Notifications Tab

If a behaviour notification has not been set up in notifications, you need to scroll to the bottom of the table and press the + Create New Notification Rule button. However, if a behaviour notification exists, you can edit the message by clicking the pen icon under the Actions column.

Select the ‘behaviour’ Event Type.

Event Type

Next, select the incident type from the list. Alternatively, you can leave the field blank to apply the entire

Incident type

Then, select the location if you would like to inform the parents of an incident in a particular place or leave it blank.

Behaviour Notification: Incident Type

Behaviour Notifications: Message Creation

Select the type of message you wish to send: SMS, Email, Push (notification) or SMS | Push, which sends as both a text message and push notification.

Then, compose your message. A default has been set; however, you can change this or restore a message to default after changes by clicking the Set Default button.

Behaviour Notification Template Body
Set Default Behaviour Notification template message
Set Default Button

You can also add the following variables to your message:


You can find out more about which Edulink One variables to use in your messages.

Afterwards, write the subject for the notification. The default subject is ‘New Behaviour Incident’— however, this can be changed to reflect each school’s preference.


Lastly, choose the recipients of the notification. These can be staff members, parents, learners, heads of year and form tutors. You must select staff recipients individually, but you can simply turn the other user groups to ‘Yes’.

Recipient groups for behaviour notifications

Click ‘Save Rule’ once you have finished setting up the behaviour notification. This updates the notifications table or, if already created, updates the current notification with changes.

Save Rule button

Save your notification by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

Save button
Updated on 29 June 2022

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