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How Do I Create a Parents’ Evening Event?

Administrators for Parents’ Evening Events have the ability to create new events, modify existing events, delete events or modify learners/teachers in events.

Configure your administrators for Parents’ Evening by selecting the Parent Event tab in settings.

To get started, log in using your Edulink One app or the Edulink One website with your existing credentials, locate and click on the Parents’ Evening icon.

Parents' Evening icon
Parents’ Evening Icon

Add Event: To create a new Parent Event, click on the Add Event button.

You can view Active and Archived events in the Parents’ Evening window. To find out more about an event, select Details.

You can also modify some aspects of existing events by selecting Details or by selecting the pen icon.

The Start time of an event cannot be modified by administrators. This can only be done by contacting Edulink One support.

It is essential to have all of the correct information before creating an event. Modifying existing events can be difficult and you may need to delete the entire event and start again.

Parents' Evening Screen
Parents’ Evening Screen

Create Event Window

Name: Write the name of the event, e.g. Year 7 Parents’ Evening.

Information: Provide an outline of the event that parents will see (many schools have found it useful to write ‘click here’ for parents to get them to the booking screen). Also, you can include any information that might be important, e.g. parents please park in the rear car park.

Create Event Window

Dates: Click the + button to add the date. Input the ‘From’ date of your event and then select the exact time of start. Select a finish time in the ‘To’ area.

Available to parents: The date and time from which parents are capable of booking a Parents’ Evening slot.

Closed to parents: The last date and time parents can book a Parents’ Evening slot.

Slot Duration: The duration time of each appointment.

Interval: Setup intervals to allow parents time to move between appointments. This is useful for video call appointments.

Note: If you set up intervals with timings, this can result in odd appointment times. For example, if your appointment beings at 4:00 pm and the appointment slots are 10 minutes long, if you set a 3-minute interval the next appointment will be at 4:13 pm. Therefore, it is important to consider this when using intervals.

Max Parent Bookings: Limit the number of bookings (per student) parents can make. This only affects parents, it does not affect the employees’ ability to book additional slots if required.

Max Parent Bookings
Max Parent Bookings

Learners: Select the + button to add learners.

For an entire Year group, you can select Year / Select All. If your event is more specific, e.g. Year 11 Improvement Group, then you can select individual students by clicking on their name and image, then pressing Selected.

You can add learners by Year, Form, Class, Gender, SIMS Groups (e.g. G&T), Groups and House.

Add Learners

Edulink One Parents’ Evening works with SIMS timetables and is a snapshot at the time of creation. If there is a new timetable or if students change groups, these changes will not be reflected in the event and any changes required will need to be made manually.

To do this, add the student to the Parents’ Evening event by going to Details in the Parents’ Evening screen and select the + Learners button.

This will add them to their new class. However, it is important that you DO NOT delete their previous bookings because any booked appointments will disappear.

Administrators from Primary schools (if there is no timetable) will need to add students to individual teachers manually.

Video Conference

Tick Video Conference if your school would like to use video calls on Parents’ Evening. You must have configured the Parent Event tab and have signed up to Twilio for this to work. For more information about setting up video calls, see the following article Parents’ Evening Setup.

Parents can add one guest with parental responsibility to their video conference when they book. This guest can join from a different device.

A learner/parent cannot book more than one event per teacher, even if that teacher teaches their child two subjects, e.g. History and Drama.

Parents’ Evening Options

Other Options

Include Form Tutors: Schools can include form tutors in whole school Parents’ Evening events. Tick this box to include form tutors in your event.

If you plan on hosting a Parents’ Evening event with only form tutors, select the Include Form Tutors box. Afterwards, deselect the other subjects in the Preview Window.

Prevent Consecutive Bookings: To keep your event running on time, you can prevent parents from making consecutive bookings. So if you have a slot at 4:00 pm, 4:10 pm and 4:20 pm, and a parent books a teacher at 4:00 pm, they will not be able to book another teacher at 4:10 pm. The next possible slot for that parent will be 4:20 pm.

Select Next Step to view a preview.

It is strongly recommended that you look at the checking sheet before creating the event. Any changes to teacher/group allocation after the event creation can be cumbersome.

Preview Window

You can view the teacher overallocation, subjects and slots in the preview window.


Teacher overallocated by: Edulink One points out which teachers are overallocated on Parents’ Evening events by X amount of slots. Click on the images of your teachers to see the number of staff overallocation for your event, including the number they are overallocated by.

Overallocated Teachers

Teaching Groups: You can select teaching groups and view teachers by subject. If you would like to remove a subject from Parents’ Evening, untick the box on the left.

By default, all main class teachers are allocated to the event.

Subjects and Subject Teachers

If you are running a Form group Parent Event, untick all the subjects to the left.
You must have selected Include Form Tutors on the previous page.

Slots: View all of the slots available to book. Return to the previous page to modify your slot duration times by selecting Cancel.

Slot Duration

Checking Sheet: It is good practice to download the checking sheet to check whether your event looks correct, e.g. all teachers involved are there, allocation of learners, etc… Export a .csv file of the information by selecting Checking Sheet.

Checking Sheet Example
Checking Sheet Example

Checking Sheet

Select Create to create your Parent Event. The event will appear in the Active section of your Parents’ Evening window.

Lastly, you can view or modify your event by selecting Details or the pen icon.

How Do I Create A Parents Evening? Video

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 19 October 2022

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