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How Do I Configure the Achievement Tab?

Edulink One’s Achievement tab allows you to customise which user types can view and add achievement information. Edulink One writes back achievement (or behaviour) records to SIMS instantly.

If you need to add or alter achievement types, you can do this in SIMS.net. You may need to run a cache.

Achievement Tab
Achievement Tab
Achievement Icon
Achievement Feature User Interface: Parents and Learners Only

Achievement Screen Settings

Enable Achievement screen for: Select which user types you would like to have access to the Achievement screen. Tick the user types to enable the Achievement screen.

Staff can access students’ achievements by going to the Learners icon.

Enable Achievement Screen
Enable Achievement Screen

Disable types (on entry): Removes the achievement types available to select. Employees will not be able to view or select any achievements disabled here.

Points editable: Allows employees to edit the achievement points awarded to a learner.

Disable achievement types and points editable
Achievement Types and Points

Types and Fields Settings

Hide types (when viewing): Hides specific types of achievement records that can be awarded— it may be that your school does not subscribe to a particular award.

Hide Fields (when viewing): Hide certain achievement fields from viewing— tick the fields you want to hide: Comment, Award, Points, Teacher.

It is recommended that you consider hiding certain fields from view, such as Comment, due to the potential for GDPR breaches.

Require fields (when writing): This allows you to ensure optional fields are entered when awarding achievement.

Hide fields in Advanced (when editing): Shows fields in the Advanced section rather than the main section.

Hide types and hide fields

Show From Dates

Show from: Hides achievements that occurred before the date selected.

show from date
Show From Date

To help speed up your cache, ensure your date in the ‘show from’ field is set to the current academic year.

When you have finished configuring the Achievement tab, click the Save button.

Achievement Scales (Arbor Only)

Select the point award scales you would like Edulink One to pull in. Edulink will display the achievement record associated with the point award scale(s) selected.

Achievement Scales

Edulink One will also write back achievements added in Edulink One to the correct achievement type that corresponds to the point award scale(s) in Arbor.

Save Button
Save Button

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 15 February 2024

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