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How Do I Configure My School’s SMS Settings?

You can configure your school’s SMS settings by logging in and selecting Administration in the settings cog at the top left of your screen. Once in your welcome screen, select the Communicator tab from the top row to view your Communicator settings.

Enable Communicator Settings

Ensure your Enable Communicator Settings are set to ON. You can turn them off later if you do not intend to use the messages feature, but you must configure your SMS below first.

At this juncture, you should also ensure your SIMS Log Confidentiality Level is set to Confidential. Edulink One does this by default and it is recommended that these settings remain in place.

Enable Communicator Screen

SMS Messaging Configuration

You can use Edulink One as the front end of your current text messaging system. Edulink One needs to integrate with your provider to enable this service.

If you would like to configure your Edulink One to send SMS to employees and parents, turn ON the Enable SMS Messaging.

Edulink One integrates with your provider to send messages; it cannot receive them.

Enable SMS Messaging

Restricted SMS to: You can restrict which employees have access to SMS messaging by using the dropdown menu to select the authorised staff members to send SMS messages.

Restricted SMS to

Gov Notify Provider

Provider: Edulink One integrates with several SMS providers and each provider has their way to verify the integration. Most providers use a username and password, but Gov Notify provides you with a template ID and an API key that you need to register for. For more details on how to do this, please see this article on registering for Gov Notify.


Other SMS Providers

If your SMS provider does NOT appear in the list below, please contact Edulink One support and we will contact your provider to see if it is possible to integrate with them.


URL Override: This is a setting required by certain providers that create accounts on multiple servers. Edulink One support will change the URL to overwrite this in code. If you are not sure if your provider requires this setting please contact OND support.

Only support should use this setting. Contact the Overnet Data Support Team if you think you need this.

URL override

User name: Include the username from your provider here.

User name

Password: Include the password from your provider here.


Override from number/text: This is who should be displayed as the ‘from’ number. It is recommended that you enter the school name in this field.

Warning: If ‘Override from number/text’ is left empty, it will use the mobile number of the employee sending the SMS. This could lead to a breach of GDPR.

Override from number/text

You have now configured your SMS settings. To save these settings and return to Communicator later, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Save Button

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 16 February 2024

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